0 energy drink is no energy, 100% fruit juice, in fact,

standing in front of a wide range of food, people often have no way to start, especially the label of & lt; No sugar& ldquo; No energy& ldquo; Natural fruit juice& ldquo; It contains protein& ldquo; High calcium& ldquo; Low fat & quot; Wait a minute. Is it reliable? Juice, drink and coffee are all kinds of drinks in the market, and people have no choice. In order to cater for the different

0), energy is not without energy. Many people who lose weight or are controlling their weight are particularly concerned about energy intake, so many zero energy drinks are launched in the market, But zero energy doesn’t mean no energy. It is required to claim 0 energy. When the energy in food is less than 17 kJ / kg (solid) or 100 ml (liquid), it can be claimed to be 0 energy. Therefore, if a drink is marked with 0 energy, it does not mean that there is no energy in the drink, but the content is low, and its intake has little effect on human nutrition.

Sugar free drinks are defined as drinks with lower carbohydrate or sugar content than the standard; 0” However, in order to get better taste, sweeteners are usually added to beverages instead of sucrose.

100% Juice is a kind of reconstituted juice

. Many beverage packages are marked with the words & lt; 100% juice & quot; Or & lt; Pure fruit juice;, But when you look at the ingredients list carefully, you can see that it basically says water, concentrated juice of some kind of fruit. This kind of fruit juice should be exactly reconstituted juice, which is to remove a certain proportion of water from the juice and turn it into concentrated juice for easy storage and transportation, and then add an appropriate amount of water to restore it to a drink with the same proportion as the original juice. So 100% juice is not equal to the original juice, but it does not add other ingredients, such as white granulated sugar, food additives and so on.

Coffee and coffee drinks

coffee has only one ingredient, namely coffee beans, coffee powder or instant coffee, while coffee drinks are not. The top ingredients on the list are white granulated sugar, plant powder, glucose syrup and food additives, They are all used to adjust the flavor and taste of products. The ranking of coffee is often very low, even in the last place, which indicates that the proportion of coffee content in all ingredients is relatively small.

Protein drinks may not be high protein

there are many kinds of plant protein drinks, such as almond juice, walnut juice, coconut milk and soybean milk. Many people think that they are high protein drinks. In fact, the protein content of plant protein drinks should not be less than 0.5%, Therefore, the protein content of 100 ml in general drinks is 0.6-1.0 G. If you want to claim a high protein beverage, the protein content in every 100 grams of beverage should be greater than or equal to 12 grams. Therefore, in general, plant protein beverage may not reach the standard of & lt; High protein & quot; The requirements of the government.

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