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I believe many people will feel particularly embarrassed when they encounter bad breath, especially in social occasions. Therefore, many friends who are troubled by bad breath want to choose appropriate methods to help them get rid of bad breath, Is there any way to avoid being bothered by bad breath? Let’s have a look with you.

The following three factors may be & lt; Fuse & quot;

factor 1, excessive liver fire

people with excessive liver fire, halitosis is also very obvious. In addition, such people are prone to lose their temper, and often have abnormal manifestations such as yellow urine, dry stool, low spirits, sleepiness, thirst and dry mouth.

factor 2, oral problems

halitosis may also be a hint of oral problems. For example, poor oral hygiene, that is, not often brushing teeth, gargling, and false teeth cleaning is not in place, will lead to food residues in the mouth, over time bacteria breeding, it is easy to produce odor, forming halitosis.

in addition, dental caries or other dental diseases may also cause halitosis.

factor 3, high blood glucose in the body

bad smell, may also be in the reminder of high blood glucose in the body. For people with high blood sugar, such as diabetes

10 trick to thoroughly remove bad breath,

. eat raw food, drink some juice. Eating some foods raw and drinking fruit juice are beneficial to reduce digestive system toxins, which can help relieve halitosis.

2. Xiaomi. Millet, a healthy cereal, can reduce the growth of oral bacteria. Adding celery and fennel to millet diet can prevent halitosis better.

3. Watercress. Watercress is rich in chlorophyll, with the effect of cleaning mouth and stomach, promoting digestion.

4. Alfalfa sprouts. Alfalfa sprouts are the main ingredient of salad, which helps to clean teeth and freshen breath.

5. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. This kind of food can not only cause dental caries, but also increase the number of yeast and harmful microorganisms in gastrointestinal tract.

6. Drugs and supplements. Liquid chlorophyll, digestive enzyme and enzyme inhibiting capsule are beneficial to fresh breath. Experts suggest that taking digestive enzymes during meals can promote digestion and decomposition of food and prevent the production of unpleasant gases.

7. Chew celery. If the drug is not suitable, you might as well chew celery after meals, which can effectively remove the bad breath.

8. Eat fruit alone. Fruit is best eaten alone, not with other foods.

9. Eat raw peanuts. Usually, a few peanuts are in your pocket. If you have nothing to do, you can take them out and chew them. They are full of fragrance. You can’t smell bad breath any more!

10. Brush your teeth frequently. Brush your teeth 2 & mdash; a day; Three times. Brush your tongue in the morning. It’s also important to floss your teeth. In addition, you should see a dentist regularly. If dental disease is found, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Can effectively remove halitosis food

lemon tea

lemon has deodorant and fresh effect, so you can use fresh lemon slices after soaking in water, or directly dry lemon slices for flushing. If you can especially eat sour, occasionally chew two pieces of instant lemon dry effect is better.

chewing apples to get rid of bad breath, chewing an apple slowly, can remove food residues attached to the surface of teeth, prevent bad breath. Chewing process can also promote a large number of saliva secretion, play a role in cleaning the oral environment. 22 333 000 1 14 44 555 clove 66 677 22 333 000 1 1 1 clove has been handed down since ancient times. It can effectively treat the stomach problems of gastric erosion, cold pain, not thinking about food and tea, bad breath and poor defecation. It is also the killer of Helicobacter pylori and can effectively inhibit its breeding.


Xiaomi contains many vitamins needed by the body, which can prevent and improve dyspepsia, and has a certain inhibitory effect on bacteria in the mouth.

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