10 ways to help reduce stress

money, work, family, interpersonal relationship and health status and other factors can lead to excessive stress, and then lead to headache, insomnia, decreased immunity, memory loss and many other problems. Here are 10 ways to help reduce stress, worth a try.

1 Meditate for 10 minutes.

meditation and meditation can promote blood circulation, eliminate

6, and eat some dark chocolate.

dark chocolate can reduce the body’s response to short-term stress and long-term stress. A number of studies have shown that after eating dark chocolate, the levels of stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine are reduced, and the sense of stress is also significantly reduced.


a new study from Rutgers University found that recalling pleasant experiences can reduce cortisol levels by 85% when stress is high. For example, browsing through pictures or videos of mobile phones and recalling the pleasant experience of the past.

8, climbing stairs.

for a long time, people have always thought that physical exercise can reduce stress. Recent research has found that a short blowout can help reduce pressure quickly. For example, when you are in a bad mood, climbing stairs can accelerate your heart beat and relieve pressure.

9, touch the green grass.

when the pressure is high, you should breathe more fresh air. If you don’t have the conditions to go into the nature, you can find a piece of green grass and experience the feeling of touching the green grass, which can also help relieve stress.

10. Keep smiling.

smile can relieve physiological tension, reduce stress hormones in the brain, increase euphoria hormone endorphin and dopamine. Too much pressure, people tend to frown, even pretend to smile, will also have a positive impact on decompression.

Try reducing stress with food!


if you are surrounded by stress, your body will consume some vitamins more quickly. And nuts are rich in these elements & mdash& mdash; B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and Omega oil. Nuts can balance blood sugar level, reduce the demand for sugar, regulate appetite and metabolic support.


famous antioxidant fruit. Berries contain compounds that help prevent premature aging caused by chronic stress. If you think you have to eat something sweet, these raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are your best choices.


stress affects sleep. You will find that you wake up before you fall asleep. This is a common symptom of high pressure. The tryptophan in celery helps the body produce brain serotonin, which is essential for maintaining a positive mood and healthy sleep. Celery stalks combined with sugar free peanut butter can help ensure sleep quality throughout the night and maintain blood sugar levels at a constant level. Chamomile

you may know that chamomile has a bedtime soothing effect. It can relieve the nervous system by increasing amino glycine. In fact, it also increases the level of hippuric acid, which is very useful to relieve your stress. Drinking chamomile tea after meals can help regulate digestive problems, such as gastrospasm, constipation and other stress-related colon syndrome.

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