11 practical cleaning tips: clean up all the details of your home

now more and more people like the simple decoration style. Maybe it’s because the cleaning was too troublesome in the past. The year is coming and you have to start cleaning again. The toilet, kitchen and window are the most difficult places to deal with. The kitchen and toilet are the places with the highest utilization rate, And the window is a place for high-altitude work. The following small make-up with you to analyze a dry goods, a few simple moves to teach you cleaning, clean the house to welcome the new year, and quickly look at it together. Two auxiliary materials used in


first: white vinegar + soda water

second: Lemon + edible salt

third: soap

11 practical cleaning tips:

1, clean toilet

, white vinegar + soda

, now many families have replaced the toilet, However, when cleaning the toilet, yellow dirt often appears in some places because they can’t be washed. At this time, we should learn some tricks. It’s easy to solve this problem by using white vinegar and baking soda.

With white vinegar + baking soda, in accordance with the same proportion of the way to mix the homemade cleaner than you buy the toilet cleaner is much easier to use.

Then use the bottle, spray it on the dirty place, let it stand for about half an hour, and then wipe it off easily.

There is another place that is easy to be ignored when cleaning the toilet, that is, the gap of the toilet cover. These places can only be wiped by wrapping paper towel with small tools and sticking the mixture of white vinegar and baking soda.

It is better to add some white vinegar to the back water tank, which not only has the function of disinfection, but also can remove some scale on the inner wall.

Then throw a few pieces of remaining soap or toilet cleaner into it, which can not only remove stains and peculiar smell, but also facilitate future cleaning.

2 Cleaning shower head

white vinegar

the hygiene of shower head may be ignored by many people, Think it’s always a place to flush, no dirt. In fact, with a long shower head surface will have a layer of scale, the naked eye looks very dirty. If it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, it’s easy to breed bacteria, affect the health of family members, and block the water outlet.

This is the simplest way to clean. You can directly take a plastic bag, put some white vinegar in it, fix it on the nozzle, soak it for about an hour, and then turn it on for flushing. It can not only clear the scale, but also disinfect.

3 Cleaning faucet

white vinegar + bicarbonate

faucet will have water stains after long use, and it looks very dirty. It’s easy to remove with the mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. The toilet paper is completely soaked in water, and then it is taken up and covered on the tap for about half an hour. After taking off the tissue, it immediately turns back to a new white light.

4 、 Clean the sink

lemon + salt

after cleaning the faucet, it’s time to clean the sink. The dirt on the sink is stubborn. You can use lemon + salt to wipe it off easily.

Cut the lemon into two parts, then attach edible salt and wipe around the pool. You can return to the original appearance after 1-2 times.

This method can also clean the bathtub at home, convenient and fast.

5 The bathroom mirror is the most easily dirty, often stained with toothpaste and water stains, and water vapor often appears on the surface of the mirror in winter, At this time, you can use soap to gently wipe, and then use a dry cloth to wipe it again.

If you make a film on the surface of the mirror, the bright and clean mirror will not fog.

6, clean ceramic tile

toothbrush + toothpaste

the ceramic tile of toilet is the most easy to turn yellow and black. If you want to clean it, you can easily brush off these stains with toothbrush, toothpaste or washing clothes.

After brushing the toothbrush, rinse it with water, the floor and walls will become very white.

7 To prevent rust stains

nail polish

bathroom is the most humid place, many of the bottles and cans can easily be stained after water rusty, or the accumulation of water causes the bottom of the bottle is always dirty.

, you can buy a small bottle of cheap nail polish, then apply a layer to the bottom of the bottle, so that no rust will be left, and the bottom of the bottle will always be clean.

8 The purpose of cleaning the exhaust fan is to keep the room dry. Because it is designed on the top, it is very inconvenient to clean. It is the place where dirt is most easily hidden. For his cleaning, the first step is to take it off, soak it in soapy water, and then dry it.

The second step is to soak the rag in soapy water, screw it dry, and then carefully scrub the fan blade and vent. Finally, wipe it with a dry towel.

Finally, just install the dry fan cover as it is.

9 Floor drain in addition to odor

floor drain reverse smell is very bad, still use the kitchen two artifact can solve! Pour white vinegar into the floor drain and wait for 5 minutes.

Then mix baking soda with water to make soda solution, and pour it into the sewer.

Alkali soda solution and white vinegar acid neutralization, can quickly solve the floor drain odor!

10 Floor drain anti blocking

floor drain is often blocked because of hair or other debris. In fact, we can solve this problem from the source with a simple fresh-keeping bag.

Fold the fresh-keeping bag into a strip, and then cut the end of the sealing mouth to facilitate the flow of water.

Put the bag over the floor drain and plug the edge. In this way, I will never be afraid of hair falling in and blocking the sewer. Every time I clean, I just need to replace the fresh-keeping bag with a new one, saving time and effort ~!

11 , Bathroom Storage

want to keep clean and tidy, storage items are recommended to be dry and wet separation, bottles, cans and some small items are packed with storage frame.

There are also storage compartments in the drawers of cabinets, It can save you a lot of trouble when looking for things ~

Towel or rag can be hung behind the door of the storage cabinet with suction hook, which is convenient for taking and using.

Bath towel and paper towel should also be put away with storage rack, and dry wet separation is an important step to ensure neatness http://www.360changshi.com/uploadfile/2019/0127/20190127110700934.jpg” />

If you have a mobile trolley, When taking a bath, clothes no longer worry about no place to shelve, storage bath clothes, where need to move, convenient and efficient is it!


today, I’m going to analyze these cleaning tips, Mainly rely on the following two kinds of auxiliary materials:

first: white vinegar + soda

second: Lemon + edible salt

third: soap

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