12 tips to help you take wedding photos beautiful forever spring wedding photos attention

wedding photos are of great significance for every new couple, whether in the black and white photography era of the last century or in the 21st century, even if the bride and groom are poor, they will take photos as a souvenir when they get married. Nowadays, there are more and more forms of wedding photos, more and more popular in travel, and more choices for new people. Before shooting, we should be more careful to treat every detail. Today, we have brought you the tips of taking wedding photos.

12 A trick to help you make wedding photos beautiful forever

. do not use bright rouge and too many eyelashes and eyeliner, this will make the eyes look small. But the best choice of lipstick is glossy, so it looks very delicate on the photo.

2. Use shadow in the fleshy area of the face and highlight in the T-shaped area.

3. Sharpen your chin in your own way. You can simply raise your mouth slightly. Some people will move their ears. When you lift your ears, your chin will also point out.

4. If you tilt your head up slightly, your nose will look smaller.

5. If you are taking photos of relatives and friends at the wedding, try to put your face behind others; Set up & quot; You’ll lose your partner, but your face will look smaller.

6. The expression of emotion in the eyes can make the picture full of emotion. Even if it’s just a pose, imagine that you’re listening to your lover with a smile. Don’t look at each other with your eyes blank.

7. Try to have a 45 or 65 degree micro profile of the cheek, so that the face will look smaller and more obvious.

8. Imagine that you are the most beautiful person. Don’t worry about your appearance. Be relaxed and confident.

9. Smile is the most photogenic expression, but it’s better not to laugh in wedding photos, so as to avoid the obvious fine lines around the eyes and losing the appearance.

10. Naturally stand up straight, straight back, then the long legs, buttocks curve will come out naturally, and the expression will be with vitality.

11. The face and neck shoulder are the key points of visual effect. When choosing the clothes for wedding photos, the lotus leaf collar and the open neckline reveal the female’s sexy clavicle, which is also very suitable. Moreover, the U-shaped Princess collar clothes also have the effect of making the neck and face look more slender. A shirt with a bow tie at the neckline and chest also has a good effect of lengthening and modifying the face shape.

12. The last one is to practice posing in front of the mirror and take pictures when you are ready.

When taking wedding photos, try not to eat if you are not hungry, because after eating, people want to go to bed in spring and laugh less naturally.

2. Spring is the season for the recovery of all things. Men shave your beard in the morning when they take wedding photos. If you have a beard, please repair it. Nose hair and ear hair should also be trimmed.

3, spring is easy to cold season, especially the bride in the spring wedding photo is prone to physical problems. It is difficult to cooperate with the photographer when the body condition is not good, which leads to the difficulty of shooting. You can drink some Banlangen and other medicine one week before shooting to guard against cold and strengthen your body, so as to ensure your best condition during shooting.

4. Take wedding photos in spring. Although the bride’s upper body feels cold, she should not wear high collar. It’s better to choose V-collar long sleeve clothes instead of autumn clothes. It’s more appropriate to match, and it’s more convenient to change clothes. Because it’s easy for you to make up your face between wearing and taking off.

5 Don’t pick acne or squeeze blackheads three days before taking wedding photos, because make-up on the day of shooting should be kept for a whole day. Cosmetics will infect the wound. Moisturizing mask can be used the day before or before makeup. For safety reasons, try not to use whitening, wrinkling, oil control and other special effects, or have not tried the mask before, in order to prevent allergy.

6. Don’t bundle your hair or apply any hair gel or styling agent on the night before taking wedding photos, so as to avoid affecting the modeling and hairstyle. Please wear Strapless underwear and corset on the wedding day.

7. If you need to remove glasses to take wedding photos, you should consider trying on and equipped with contact lenses 2 weeks in advance. If you have black eyes, some small mm want to take photos to make their eyes look brighter and more attractive. It is suggested that you can match concealed glasses with larger black eyes according to your actual situation.

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