13 key points for safe driving at night: mistakes in using lights at night

it is unavoidable for our drivers to drive at night. In order to drive safely at night and overcome the unfavorable factors such as poor light and poor lighting at night, it is necessary for drivers to understand the characteristics of human visual function and the main causes of traffic accidents at night, so as to take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of driving at night. Let’s learn about it.

13 key points for safe driving at night

1. Remember to stop suddenly on freeway

if you ask me to evaluate the danger degree of various dangerous actions in high-speed accidents, I will first give priority to sudden stop on freeway, Sudden parking is one of the most dangerous, no one.

if you have to stop on the highway in case of a sudden traffic accident, you must check whether there are other cars in the rear-view mirror in advance, especially large trucks. You must slow down in advance and turn on the double flash to remind the rear vehicles to pay attention, leaving enough distance and time for the rear vehicles to slow down.

if the car in the rear always honks or flashes lights, believe me, he must be unable to stop the car. At this time, what you have to do is not stop, but drive in the emergency lane. Even if you are photographed violating the rules or the car is scratched, it is most important to protect your life. A flat tire is the biggest obstacle to the safety of high-speed driving. As long as we can drive according to the speed limit, even if there is a flat tire accident on the high-speed road, it is not a big deal, but the premise is never to panic. Here are the handling methods when there is a flat tire accident.

(1) hold the steering wheel with both hands during the whole process and must not turn the steering wheel.

(2) never brake with full force immediately after a tire burst.

(3) if the situation is controllable, please pull out your hand, spend 0.5 seconds to turn on the double flash, and immediately continue to hold the steering wheel.

(4) it is critical to observe the rear view mirror.

(5) in case of tire burst on high-speed road, when the vehicle speed is lower than 100 km / h, slow down with light braking.

tire burst is really not common, so when it happens suddenly, people’s reaction is the most important. Calm down. According to the above method, we can control the situation. Believe me, you can hold it.

3. Don’t be superstitious; Good car & quot; As for speeding, don’t be superstitious that you can drive a good car to speed. Look at all kinds of accident reports. Whether it’s BMW or Porsche, or Volvo, which promotes safety, there are cases of serious accidents caused by speeding. The maximum speed limit of our national highway is 120km / h. In addition, high-speed speeding will lead to your braking distance greatly improved, easy to cause rear end collision and other serious traffic accidents.

4. Check the condition of the car before going out / on time during driving

. Before going out, be sure to check the parts, tires, lights, oil, wiper, etc. of the car, especially for long-distance and high-speed driving, be sure to check the car, especially the tires, and repair the problems in time.

when driving on the highway for more than 2 hours, people need to rest and adjust the state, and the car also needs to adjust the state, and check the main parts of the vehicle (such as tires, oil, etc.), so as to ensure your driving safety in the next section of travel.

5 Pay attention to the warning signs of Expressway

, and pay attention to the warning signs of roadside design of expressway, such as & lt; This is the accident prone section, please drive slowly;, If you see such signs on the roadside, please slow down and don’t make fun of your own life.

6. Try not to drive at night.

. If you can’t drive at night, try not to drive on high-speed roads, especially those at traffic hub level. There are more trucks on highways at night than during the day.

truck drivers often can’t have a good rest during the day, and it’s easy to doze when driving at night. Many high-speed truck accidents happen at night or early in the morning.

7. When overtaking, use lights more, use lights reasonably at night, and use corresponding lights in special weather.

prepare to prompt the vehicles ahead to overtake in the daytime. The light is better than the horn. The light prompt is the best way. In the evening, high-speed driving should pay more attention to the use of lights. There are some high-speed sections without street lights, so high beam lights should be used reasonably.

in addition, under such special weather conditions as rain, snow and fog, we should pay more attention to the use of lights on highways, such as side lights, fog lights and double flashing warning lights.

8, don’t take emergency driving belt when you have nothing to do

emergency driving belt is just used in emergency situations, especially when there is a serious traffic accident, the green channel for rescue vehicles, which is called life-saving channel.

now, if there is a traffic accident in front of us, some of the vehicles behind us who have no quality will be taken away from the emergency driving. Here I appeal to friends who see this article, if you really encounter congestion, don’t try to take the emergency lane, and leave the life passage to those who need it!

9 After the accident, quickly withdraw to the safety zone,

highway after the accident, the most taboo is to stay in place. No matter how serious an accident or fault happens to the vehicle, if you can’t solve it by yourself, please leave the accident vehicle as soon as possible and evacuate to the main road emergency driving belt according to the urban road surface; Highway evacuation to the outermost green belt method, waiting for things to deal with, to prevent the occurrence of secondary accidents.

10. Don’t throw things on the highway

. There are often villagers on the highway picking up discarded plastic bottles, cans, waste newspapers and so on. If they are knocked down or hit by speeding vehicles, they will be seriously injured or even dead. At the same time, the discarded things are also a great security risk to the vehicles behind. For the safety of others and yourself, never throw things on the highway.

11. Remember seat belt

. The first thing you do when you get on the bus is to fasten your seat belt, and remind your family to do so.

12. Don’t influence the driver too much by the passengers in the car

. When driving at high speed, the most taboo thing is to often disturb the driver. When driving at high speed, the driver’s spirit is attracted by all kinds of situations on the road. Therefore, disturbing the driver at this time may cause potential safety hazards. If you have been driving on the road without a car for a long time, instead, the members of the car have to say something to the driver from time to time. Don’t let him get confused.

13. Pay attention to the following distance

. It’s better not to follow the big trucks on the high speed. Basically, the big trucks on the high speed are overloaded. The overload increases the braking distance, so that if you don’t pay attention, you will catch up.

in addition, teach an old driver’s unique secret: if the truck in front changes lanes for no reason, it must be something in front of you. At this time, you can change lanes with the truck line safely.

the reason is very simple. The truck sits high and looks far away. It’s not good for you to follow him, but he will ensure his safety when he finds out the situation, so it’s right for the truck to change the line suddenly and follow him. It’s sure to ensure safety.

When driving at night, the wrong way to use the lights is

. Don’t turn on the headlights

friends who have driven must know how dangerous it is not to turn on the headlights in the evening or at night. Some friends may say that the city’s main roads are bright at night, and it’s no problem not to turn on the lights. In fact, this view is very wrong.

in addition to lighting, headlights also play a role in warning other vehicles to a large extent, which is why all vehicles need to install side lights. Here, the editor also reminds you that you should not only turn on the light at night, but also turn on the light early. In the evening or in bad weather, it’s very dangerous when the light drops but the street lights are not turned on. It’s suggested that you’d better turn on the headlights to drive. Your eyes do not mean that others are not short-sighted, a simple action is to bring more security. EU countries have listed the daytime driving lights as the standard configuration of vehicles, which are needed in the daytime, so the importance of lighting at night is needless to say.

driving lights

the reason is very simple, but why is there always someone; Forget & quot; How about turning on the headlights? In fact, the reason lies in another new technology – self luminous instrument panel. The self luminous instrument panel will turn on as the vehicle starts. This technology can effectively increase the clarity of the instrument panel during daytime driving. It turns out that this is only the configuration of high-end cars, but many cars below 100000 have been equipped with self luminous instrument panel. Bright street lights and clear self luminous instruments often give drivers the illusion that the headlights have been turned on, so it’s not surprising that someone always forgets to turn on the headlights.

so please pay attention to the following indicator lights at the beginning of the evening. When the headlights are turned on, the indicator lights will appear on the instrument panel. The common models are green, but it does not rule out that individual models have other colors. The instrument panel indicator lights of low beam, high beam, front fog lamp and rear fog lamp are all different, which are clearly marked in the following illustration. In addition, the brightness of the self luminous instrument panel will be dimmed after the headlights are turned on, so as to prevent dazzling. As long as you carefully observe, you can also judge whether the headlights are turned on.

it is necessary to turn on the light, but the light should also be used reasonably. For example, when driving in the city, the distance between cars is close, and the surrounding light is better, blindly using high beam will only have a great impact on the driving of other vehicles. But if you are on a national highway or highway with few cars and few people, you’d better use high beam lighting. The identification of high and low beams on the instrument panel is different. Generally, green is the low beam, and blue is the high beam. If you are driving on the road and other vehicles shake you with the headlights, you’d better hurry to see if the high beam is turned on, which affects the normal driving of others.

Automatic headlight

automatic headlight is still a necessary product of high-grade car in the past few years, but with the reduction of cost, the popularity of automatic headlight is higher and higher. In fact, the working principle of automatic headlight is very simple, only the light sensor is installed at the corresponding position on the car body. When the external brightness is reduced to a certain extent, the light is transmitted

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