13 tips to save power for your mobile phone: there are

tips for battery maintenance of mobile phone. Nowadays, the functions of mobile phone are more and more powerful, but the battery life has always been a pain in the hearts of users. So how to save power and get rid of the trouble of charging treasure? This is to share with you a few tips to save power.

Power saving tips for mobile phones:

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  Let the mobile phone keep low temperature

the high temperature of the mobile phone will also affect the battery life. Don’t always expose the mobile phone to high temperature. For example, when you go to the beach, don’t expose your mobile phone to the beach, which is absolutely not good for your mobile phone battery life.

2. Turn off the brightness of the screen

. The most battery consuming part of the mobile phone is the screen. Turn down the brightness of the screen as much as possible to extend the battery life for several hours at most. Although some mobile phones have the setting of automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen according to the brightness, to really save power, you still have to turn off the screen. Just set the screen to the way you feel comfortable. Again, setting it to the minimum can extend the battery life for several hours.

3. Reduce screen timeout

screen is generally in 30 seconds, one minute & hellip& hellip; After such a period of time automatically dim, according to their own lighting frequency set reasonable timeout is the most reasonable, can save a lot of electricity oh.

4. Power saving mode don’t forget

many mobile phones have a special power saving mode, for example, by turning off different radios, WiFi, Bluetooth and so on. But this has a great impact on system performance. It’s best to turn this on when you need to save power. Some mobile phones will have a setting, such as when the power is only 30%, to start the automatic power saving mode.

5. Turn off the vibration of mobile phone

many people don’t realize that the vibration of mobile phone needs a lot of power, so it’s better to turn off it if it’s unnecessary.

6. Turn off the useless radio

radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, all of which will consume batteries. If you don’t use Bluetooth, turn off the Bluetooth headset. Remember to turn off the GPS when you don’t navigate.

7. Turn off touch feedback

many mobile phones have touch feedback. When you press the keyboard, there will be a small vibration feedback. If you don’t need it, turn it off.

8. Restart

sometimes when the mobile phone is very crowded, all kinds of applications are stuck on the mobile phone, so it’s very useful to restart it decisively and clean up those messy background applications.

9. Turn off app notification

, which will tell you what’s going on behind the scenes. Once connected to the Internet, these app notifications will be heard one after another, which consumes a lot of power, and many apps have this function. Especially for iPhone, pop-up app notification is really power consuming.

10, flight mode

. Although you can’t do anything in flight mode, your equipment will hardly consume electricity in this mode. Flight mode can also be switched on quickly in the notification center. When playing large stand-alone games, it is recommended to fly.

11, turn off battery percentage

although this can’t save power, it will avoid you always worrying about power consumption. You can set up & gt; General & gt; To turn off the battery percentage display.

12, disable some background applications to refresh

to enter settings & gt; General & gt; When background applications refresh, you can decide which applications can refresh content in the background in Wi Fi or mobile networks, or use location-based services. In addition to setting up individual applications, you can also simply turn off this function completely.

13, reduce dynamic effects

turn off Android’s dynamic wallpaper and dynamic effects. For Apple users, IOS 7 adds an interesting parallax effect. When you move your device, the wallpaper will shift slightly to create 3D effects. But it may also have an impact on endurance, you can set up & gt; General & gt; Accessibility & gt; Reduce dynamic effects and turn them off.

Mobile phone battery maintenance

try to avoid charging when the power is less than 20%.

do you have the habit of charging before going to bed and pulling out the charger after waking up? Maintenance Jun here still suggests that the fans unplug the charger in time after the mobile phone is fully charged. Try to avoid long-term floating charge after sleeping, although once or twice will not have a greater impact, but over time will inevitably accumulate deterioration, shorten the battery life.

the charger should be removed as soon as possible after the battery is fully charged.

the battery is sensitive to temperature due to its chemical properties. In addition to avoiding the high temperature environment, we should also try to avoid charging while using the mobile phone, especially in the high power consumption scenarios such as playing games and making phone calls. In this scenario, the heat generated by the battery is very large, which is easy to cause the temperature to be too high, and the side reaction occurs inside the battery. With the generation of gas, the battery will bulge over time.

high temperature affects the battery life

try to use the official standard charger and data line, because different brands of chargers and data lines have differences in charging specifications and the realization of fast charging principle. In addition to the failure of fast charging function, mixed chargers may also have unstable voltage and current, which may affect the battery life, Even there are some security risks. Using standard charger and data cable to charge the battery can ensure the best charging experience.

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