21 tips to make your shoes more comfortable

the newly bought shoes always grind your feet, even if they are famous brands with hundreds or thousands of dollars. It’s very painful! Here are a few tips to help you get rid of the trouble of grinding and pinching your feet.

21 tips to make your shoes more comfortable

1. Wrap your flip-flop strap with fine cloth and wrap it on the rubber flip-flop.

2. Sanding the soles of new shoes to add friction, greatly reducing the chance of slipping!

3. Wrap the third and fourth toes together with adhesive tape before squeezing into high heels. Sounds weird? The use of medical tape around the third and fourth toes can relieve nerve tension. Baby talcum powder makes Squeaky Shoes shut up. Shoes make noises, usually because the inner structures of the shoes squeeze each other. Just pick up the insole and sprinkle it with talcum powder.

five, transparent deodorant gel allows you to say goodbye to the blisters. It will be no problem to make you dance all night after reducing friction.

6. Use professional props to stretch your shoes. After using your special inner space stretcher, you don’t need to trouble the shoemaker. note appended. It just looks weird.

seven, widen your boot with newspaper and leather sprays. Tips and use of medicinal alcohol can replace the expensive expensive Ge Ge sprayed spray

eight, use the heel cap to repair worn high heels, and say goodbye to ankle sprains.

nine, DIY sole anti-skid pad, pay attention to choose thicker, and will not slide fabric to add grip.

10. Unused tea bags make your toes and nose have a better life. Stinky feet. Stinky feet. It’s not your fault.

. Shorten the heel to achieve more relaxation. Most high-heeled shoes will not be damaged if they are removed more than one inch, but it’s better to ask professionals to do it.

12. Put the shoes in the refrigerator to reduce the extrusion of the wrap in front of the shoes. Water + plastic bag + refrigerator = finally applied the science class in middle school.

13. Use artificial leather or flannelette under tight shoelaces. In the long run. It’s better to stick flannel to your shoes than to stick your feet to them.

14. Heel stick to prevent sliding. Because you have enough scars on your heel.

15. Combine wool socks with hair dryer to help you fit painlessly. Warm your feet and widen your shoes.

16. Repair torn and damaged inner heels with tannin cloth. Repairing the inner heel with glue or stitching has increased life and grip.

17. Use silicone insoles to save your shoes. It’s good that the feet don’t hurt.

18. The laces can make your jogging shoes more comfortable.

19. Keep feet dry with waterproof shoes. The shoes will get wet, probably without beeswax. Try to fit your feet before you buy shoes. Try your shoes in the afternoon or evening. In the evening, the feet will swell to the upper half.

21, but if all preventive measures are too late. Just put your feet in the tea. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in tea can relieve blisters and tired feet.

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