5 tips to keep the refrigerator clean and free from bacteria

the refrigerator is a common household appliance and a container used by many people to store food. As we all know, refrigerators are not omnipotent. They can’t kill bacteria, but can only inhibit their reproduction. In order to be healthy and suitable for refrigerator, in addition to pay attention to the way of food storage, how to keep the refrigerator clean is also very important.

1. Don’t put everything in the refrigerator

. The vegetables you buy should be screened first and then processed. The vegetables that are not suitable for the refrigerator, such as radish and potato, should not be put in the refrigerator.

2, raw meat first clean

, after the fresh meat is bought back, wash it with clean water, air it for a while, then put it into the fresh-keeping box or bag and put it into the freezer.

3 and

. In order to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of food and prevent cross infection, food should be placed in different areas. In the cold room, vegetables and fruits are placed below, cooked meat and dairy products are placed on the top, and leftovers and leftovers can be placed in the middle layer.

in addition, pay attention to the sealing of food. Once dairy products or sauces are opened, the bottle mouth must be tightened when storing.

4, make good use of fresh-keeping box and fresh-keeping bag

, use fresh-keeping bag and fresh-keeping box can ensure the sealing of food and prevent food from being polluted by bacteria. In addition, even if the use of fresh-keeping boxes and bags, food can not be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, otherwise it will go bad.

5, regular cleaning

refrigerator should be cleaned once a week. When cleaning, you should first cut off the power supply, gently scrub with a soft cloth dipped in water or detergent, and then dip in water to wipe the detergent. When the refrigerator parts are found to have scale, they should be removed and cleaned with clean water or detergent.

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