6 tips to cool the room. Thank you!

in summer, many people are shocked by the outdoor high temperature as soon as they go out; Second kill;! It’s really hot! Hot summer, do not open air conditioning, want to make indoor cool, it is necessary to control the heat into the room. Is there any way to cool the room quickly? Here are six tips to make the room cool.

6 tips to cool the room. Thank you!

six ways to make the room cool:

1, indoor air circulation

to clean the whole room, make the layout of the room as clean and bright as possible, reduce the stacking of chores, but also help the circulation of indoor space. In addition, indoor and outdoor ventilation should also pay attention to the time period. Because of the high outdoor temperature in summer, if the indoor doors and windows are opened, the sunlight and heat outside will be directly & lt; Attack & quot; Indoor, so that indoor temperature soared rapidly. Therefore, try to open the doors and windows for ventilation when it is cool in the morning and evening.

2, the choice of mat

in bed mat is the traditional cooling method, can choose mat, pillow material has grass, flax, bamboo fiber. It’s easy to sweat in summer. Try to choose natural, breathable and environment-friendly textiles for bedroom bedding, such as pure cotton, flax, bamboo fiber, modal and so on. It has strong moisture absorption, comfortable and soft touch, and can keep fresh after long-term use.

3, heat insulation paper

. Generally speaking, the room temperature of a house in the west sun is high in the afternoon, and it can be said that it is sultry in summer. If the air conditioner is turned on from the time of sun drying in the afternoon, the accumulated electricity charge in a summer is quite amazing! Now there is a kind of thermal insulation paper on the market, which can block ultraviolet and heat radiation. It can be pasted on the window surface of the west sun window, which can reduce the indoor temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. After the installation, it is estimated that it can save 20% of the air conditioning electricity charge.

4, to avoid the use of a variety of electrical appliances at the same time

many electrical appliances can emit heat, such as refrigerators, lights. If you are still using the air conditioner, it is better not to put large electrical appliances, such as TV, computer and so on, beside the air conditioner. Because the heat from these appliances will lead to long-term operation of air conditioning. These appliances are the key to making your house hot. So industry insiders suggest that unless you really need them, turn them off.

5, put green plants at home

, pay attention to the problem of green plants and indoor water is also very important. Planting green plants indoors is not only pleasing to the eye, but also can regulate the indoor air. At the same time, green plants can calm the mind. In hot summer, put more plants at home, which has a certain cooling effect. For those who live on the top floor or have balconies or balconies, they can try & lt; Vertical greening;, Plant climbing plants on walls, balconies, window sills, roofs and trellises to improve the sultry living environment.

6, indoor use of fans and water evaporation cooling

, for example, indoor use of wet mops to wipe the floor, open the ceiling fan to make the ground water evaporation and heat absorption; Put a basin of water in the corner; Can also be in front of the fan a basin of cold water, open the fan so that the water evaporates out of the cool air, which can play a role in reducing the room temperature. This method should pay attention to maintain the circulation of indoor air.

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