8 tips to make it easy for you to clean your sports kettle when you buy a sports kettle, it should be durable, safe and reliable

when we put sticky sports drinks in the kettle or brew amino acids, it will become a hotbed for bacteria and mold. Through several cleaning techniques, you can keep your kettle clean, avoid mildew, and use it longer.

8 Warm water and detergent

1. Use warm water and detergent to clean. Any general detergent or detergent is OK.

2. Brush with a brush

most of the opening of the kettle is relatively small, so use a long handle brush like a bottle brush to brush to the inside and bottom. With a brush, it will be easier to remove the sticky residue and mold in the kettle, which can’t be removed by flushing.

3. Don’t use vegetable cloth

the green vegetable cloth for washing dishes will scratch the kettle, but it is easier to hide dirt.

4. Wash the lid

when you drink water, the liquid will pass through the suction nozzle, so don’t forget to clean it too; It is suggested to put some detergent in the kettle, and then press the kettle to let the detergent flow out of the suction nozzle.

5. Wash every time you use up

, just as you wash every time you use up a glass, so should a bicycle kettle. Even if you only drink water, you may leave a residue in the suction nozzle of the kettle due to sweating or eating. It’s easy to get moldy, so you should flush at least one time.

6. Don’t use strong lotion

. If you feel you need stronger detergent such as bleach, the kettle can be almost thrown into the recycle bin. And if it’s not washed clean, it may contaminate the kettle instead.

7. When it’s time to throw it, throw it

. Despite regular washing, it’s inevitable that the kettle will hide dirt after a long time. If it’s found that the dirt inside is not easy to remove by visual inspection, it’s almost time to replace the kettle.

8. Let the moisture air dry

after each wash, remember to open the cover upside down and let the moisture air dry naturally to avoid mold breeding. Never put the lid on the bottle before it’s dry.

The key points of choosing sports kettle are

1; Durable & quot; The key is the pot material and wall thickness

sports kettle material is pure aluminum, China as a large aluminum products country, the product category is complete, in the material selection, each manufacturer has different, many domestic kettle brand label use purity of 99.5% pure aluminum, but the actual situation is not so, even most manufacturers use recycled aluminum.

another factor is the wall thickness of the kettle. Generally, the wall thickness of a sports kettle is 0.7mm. Because it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the wall thickness of sports water bottles, some manufacturers will opportunistically reduce the wall thickness of water bottles to save materials in order to reduce costs, and some manufacturers even reduce the wall thickness to 0.5mm. An intuitive feeling to judge the thickness of the wall of a kettle is that if you hold it in your hand, the weight of a thinner kettle will be lighter.

if the purity of aluminum is not high, or the wall thickness is shoddy, in use, it is easy to dent, break or even burst due to collision or falling. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of aluminum used in sports kettle and the wall thickness up to the standard, the better the strength and toughness of sports kettle, and the stronger the ability of anti-collision and impact. Of course, the better the quality, the higher the cost and price.

2 、" Safe and reliable & quot; It is well known that excessive intake of aluminum will cause great harm to human health. The inner coating of sports kettle solves the problem of isolation: isolating the water, juice, milk, coffee and other drinks in sports kettle from the aluminum kettle.

the composition of the inner coating of the kettle is more than 20% resin, about 1% additive and the rest is solvent. The most important determinant of the quality of sports kettle is whether it is safe and reliable. First of all, whether the inner coating material itself is safe and will not bring harm to human health. In addition, whether the spraying quality of the inner coating inside the kettle is uniform and adheres firmly, and reaches the necessary thickness, so as to ensure the reliability of the isolation between the beverage and the aluminum kettle.

under the pressure of fierce export competition, in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness, most domestic manufacturers choose low-cost coating materials, and limited to the scale and strength, its equipment and technology are difficult to ensure the spraying quality of sports kettle inner coating.

the inner coating of sports kettle must meet the requirements of food grade hygiene. However, due to the lack of supervision and testing, the inner coating of a large number of low-cost products in the market almost have different degrees of problems except for a few large-scale manufacturers.

the lid of general sports kettle is composed of lid and washer. In the process of use, because the quality of the general sports kettle is not hard, the washer will be squeezed for a long time because it is too tight, and the cold or hot temperature factors will stick to the spout part of the kettle, or even get rid of the lid, which will bring trouble in use, and sometimes it will be lost and affect the reuse of the kettle.

good sports kettle adopts the secondary injection technology, which directly integrates the gasket and the kettle cover. It not only achieves a good sealing effect, but also fundamentally eliminates the possibility of separation.

the sealing performance of the spout part depends on the matching degree between the cap and the spout thread. If the degree of coincidence is not high enough, water leakage may occur in the process of normal use, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to use. Many people must have had some unpleasant experience in this aspect.

in addition, the edge of the thread of the spout of almost all sports kettles is sharp. Although there are not many cases of scratching fingers and lips, it still happens occasionally. A good sports kettle will have a more humanized processing and treatment, that is, the edge of the thread will be made into an arc, so as to completely eliminate the possibility of scratching fingers and lips even with a very small probability.

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