A bottle of soda a day can affect memory

A bottle of soda a day can affect memory

a bottle of soda a day can affect memory

a study has found that drinking just one bottle of soda a day can affect teenagers’ memory and learning ability.

in this experiment, the researchers asked adult rats and mice to drink some sweet drinks every day, which contained a lot of fructose syrup or sucrose. A month later, the researchers tested their cognitive ability and found that the adult rats performed normally, while the learning and memory abilities of the mice were significantly weakened. In addition to memory deficits, heavy consumption of sweet drinks can also cause inflammation in the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and learning.

hippocampus is very important for memory function. This area is particularly sensitive to a variety of environmental factors, such as excessive intake of saturated fatty acid rich foods and sweet drinks. In addition, experts also pointed out that carbohydrates in beverages can lead to metabolic disorders, which has long been an open secret.

the health problems caused by sweet drinks have attracted worldwide attention. The British national dietary nutrition survey found that soft drinks are the main contributor to sugar among teenagers aged 4 to 18. Among the children aged 4 to 10, 16% of the sugar is obtained from soft drinks, which is higher among the children aged 10 to 18, up to 29%.

and in the United States, researchers found that today’s children and teenagers drink three times as much sweet drinks as their parents. According to the NHS, in order to ensure a balanced diet, it is better for teenagers not to have more soft drinks and soft drinks, especially between meals.

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