A mess at home? Teach you to store your clothes and shoes!

A mess at home? Teach you to store your clothes and shoes!

teaches you to store your clothes and shoes

now the most important household utility is to store boxes, because in winter, our clothes are also thick coats or even down jackets. Even if your cloakroom is large, it is a waste of resources if you don’t have a wonderful use of storage. Sit down and listen to these most effective designs. Today you are blessed, But the experts themselves help.

1, do you use the home corner?

there are always some dead corners in the home. If you use the dead corners alive, isn’t it a design that kills two birds with one stone? A simple support bar can bring you the most convenience in life.

2, lifting hanger is very practical,

if it is a small space, then you can try lifting hanger, can improve the overall utilization of the room, such a square can also resist two square use.

3, reasonable planning of the wardrobe space

, this is very important, just like life planning, if there is no good planning, then tomorrow is a bleak, the maximum limit of the wardrobe is to play their own storage, of course, we have to do is orderly distribution of their clothes.

4, the closet is also the best storage

, the closet brings us the most invisible space, since it is invisible design, it doesn’t matter to screen it full, pull the door and curtain, it is still meimeida space, bring us more clean and comfortable.

5, spare space to do the best use of

to find a corner of the room, if you think it is spare, then hurry to use it, put on the cabinet below, install the middle of the strut, the top can also do according to their own needs partition, detailed decomposition of living space. Small partition can be placed towels and small items, the middle of the support frame can hang their own coat, this arrangement is not very good ah!

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