Abstinence and detoxification

the human body needs to detoxify every day, which will be very helpful to all aspects of the body. If there are too many toxins in the human body, it will do great harm to human health, so it is a good choice for abstinence and detoxification. Such detoxification will not harm human health, so it is necessary to choose such detoxification methods, It can also be carried out at ease, but it should be noted that when using this kind of detoxification method, we should pay attention to our own situation.

for some people with poor physique, this method of detoxification is not suitable. This is also because this kind of human body is not fasting, otherwise it will cause a variety of physical problems. Therefore, before choosing the method of detoxification, we need to have a good understanding of it.

fasting detoxification method:

fasting is not to eat food for a period of time. Today’s white-collar workers are looking for a resort with beautiful scenery on the weekend. Accompanied by a professional nutrition consultant, they can detoxify their bodies through two-day fasting, and then recuperate with relaxed and comfortable yoga postures and Tai Chi, or supplement with traditional Chinese medicine to relieve their physical and psychological pressure, clean up their garbage and recharge their batteries. This new health therapy of “fasting” and “living in seclusion” at the weekend has become a new trend of white-collar health care.

fasting – to clean up the internal organs

fasting can not only give the whole body a chance to rest and regain strength, but also decompose and eliminate the wastes attached to all organs and tissues in the body. This is why people often use fasting to treat the body, The reason for curing the unnatural growth in the body. Overweight people can also achieve the purpose of slimming.

after fasting, excess fat in the body will be converted into heat to supply vital organs such as brain, heart, lung, endocrine, liver and hematopoietic organs. The accumulated old wastes or toxic substances are absorbed by blood and lymph, and then excreted by kidney and skin.

at the same time, the body will get protein from the diseased tissues such as swelling, edema, edema and secretion that do not exist in the healthy body, so as to provide the necessary nutrition for the organs. This situation is called “self dissolution”, which is the reason why people call fasting “invisible hand”.

in other words, during the period of fasting, as long as the method is correct, the phenomenon of starvation and undernutrition will not appear. Just like before the water supply is cut off, no one will attempt to clean the urban water system and remove all the clogged filters. Fasting is the same reason. When a person stops sending food into his body, it is equal to giving the body a chance to clean itself. Through continuous fasting, all organs of the body will continue to digest the accumulated and excess waste in his body, And then excrete it out, and finally naturally achieve the purpose of purification.

through the above introduction, we have a good understanding of the method of fasting and detoxification. This method of detoxification is good, but we should pay attention to that when we choose this method, we should pay attention to it properly, otherwise it will cause the body to start, and in the process of detoxification, we can use some water, which is conducive to human detoxification.

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