According to eight kinds of high-quality nutrients to select food to promote secretion and help breast enhancement

Pueraria, Korean cabbage, weizeng soup, tofu and so on are very good breast enhancement food, because they all have their own unique nutrients, which can help hormone secretion. The following small make up to tell you 8 kinds of high quality nutrients to help breast enhancement!

1, soybean isoflavone

, the chemical structure of soybean isoflavone is very similar to estrogen, so the effect is similar. And estrogen has a lot to do with maintaining women’s charm.

foods containing soy isoflavones: weizeng soup, soy sauce, soy milk, etc. Intake of Pueraria lobata can promote the secretion of estrogen in female hormones, increase the fat in the chest and breast development.

2 and boron

promoted the secretion of estrogen. People’s impression of boron may be associated with preservatives or semiconductors, but vegetables or fruits also contain boron. Boron is not heat-resistant, so it is difficult to absorb after cooking. Boron can activate estrogen and strengthen bone. With the chest big and no direct effect! In fact, Pueraria lobata or boron, which are famous for breast enhancement, have no direct relationship with the effect of making the chest bigger. These two ingredients can promote the secretion of female hormone estrogen, and breast has a great help.

foods containing boron: cabbage, lettuce, peas, kidney beans, cauliflower stems, apples, California plums, raisins, almonds, peanuts, etc. all contain boron. Boron is characterized by easy loss when heated and fear of high temperature, so it has good effect when eaten raw. Making salad to eat is the best way to absorb boron, but in order not to let hands and feet cold, you can drink ginger soup and other hot food to prevent the lack of nutrients when the body makes blood or muscle. It can even help hormone production. Not only animal protein, but also plant protein to balance nutrition. Can make the function of female hormone more active, is a very important nutrient for breast enhancement.

foods containing protein: animal protein meat, dairy products, cheese, fish; Plant protein beans, bean curd, natto, soybeans, etc.

4, amino acids

can decompose amino acids of protein and absorb them faster than protein.

foods containing amino acids: tofu, tuna, green tea, etc.

5, vitamin a

can protect the normal operation of skin or mucous membrane. When frying with oil, the absorption rate will be higher! It can not only make the chest Fuller, but also make the skin of the chest shining.

foods containing vitamin A: cheese, carrot, etc.

6, vitamin e66677

. Lipid peroxide is a substance that causes aging, and the deficiency of vitamin E that can inhibit this substance will cause black spots and poor blood circulation. So not only to make your chest Fuller, but also to keep young, you need to take more foods containing vitamin E.

foods containing vitamin E: Pumpkin, peanut, etc.

7, vitamin b66777

are indispensable nutrients in the metabolism of estrogen (female hormone).

foods containing vitamin B6: saury, salmon, sardine, banana

, vitamin B12

, and appetite, which help proteins, lipids and carbohydrate metabolism.

foods containing vitamin B12: peanuts, cheese, clams

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