Add these traditional Chinese medicine in water to fight senility!

add these herbs in water can anti-aging!

1 and lotus leaf

have a long history of soaking water with lotus leaf. In ancient China, people used lotus leaf to soak water to achieve the purpose of diuretic health care. In modern medicine, people who want to lose weight will get a word from doctors; It is recommended to drink lotus leaves in water;, Yes, lotus leaf water has a good diuretic effect, enhance the body metabolism, reduce body garbage, for obese people is a healthy diet drink, in addition, regular drinking lotus leaf water can also effectively prevent body edema!

2, Huangqi

, Huangqi, also known as Mianqi, has a history of more than 2000 years since it was discovered and used in medicine. Huangqi has a good effect on enhancing the body’s immune function, anti-aging, liver protection and diuresis. Therefore, a saying has been passed on since ancient times: & lt; Often drink Huangqi Decoction to prevent diseases and protect health; That’s a statement. The above-mentioned Astragalus soup, in fact, is to drink with Astragalus. Astragalus water can replenish qi, enhance immunity, can effectively prevent disease, we can try in life oh.

3, Panax notoginseng

many people will worry about the body’s internal blood circulation is not smooth, leading to a variety of small problems, in fact, this is not a big thing, as long as the regular use of Panax notoginseng drinking water can be very good to dredge blood circulation, reduce the harm caused by poor blood circulation. In addition, regular drinking of Sanqi water can not only dredge blood circulation, but also regulate blood lipid and blood glucose levels in the body. It can be said that drinking Sanqi water has many benefits!

4, Gegen

Gegen soaking water drinking also has excellent health care effect, such as people drunk with Gegen soaking water drinking, can quickly relieve alcohol, reduce the harm of alcohol to the body, and in the “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” records with Gegen soaking water can effectively prevent fever, it can be said that Gegen soaking water drinking is a kind of both health and disease prevention way of eating!

how to fight against aging when a woman is 40 years old

1, exercise more

women should also exercise more when they are 40 years old. Exercise can speed up the metabolism of the body, help people remove a lot of garbage from the body, and also have a great guarantee for some of the body’s pollutant discharge performance, So it’s very necessary for us to exercise more.

2, pay attention to diet

for 40 year old women, diet is very important, eat well, can quickly resist aging, in peacetime, we should eat more deep-sea fish and honey, these foods are rich in anti-aging factors, so for everyone’s health is also a great guarantee.

, drink a glass of milk every day,

milk also has the function of beautifying and beautifying the face, and the cosmetic effect of milk is also universally recognized. Many people usually choose to use milk to make whitening mask at ordinary times. So in the eyes of everyone, milk is also a product of beauty and beauty. But when you make milk mask, you may have some difficulties, so you can drink a glass of milk before going to bed to ensure the skin’s whitening.

4, with some skin care products

40 year old female friends in peacetime also need to use some skin care products to protect their skin, the use of skin care products can quickly wake up the skin, for many female friends maintenance is a very big effect.

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