After a meal a small action 100% liver fatigue

many people are busy all day, at night want to rest, brush micro blog to see the video, but I don’t know, this is very harmful. In fact, as long as a small action, not only can protect the liver, but also quickly restore the whole body energy. That’s to shut your eyes. Why is it so effective to close your eyes?

it is a kind of simple and effective way to recuperate the spirit among the people in our country

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spirit is very important to the physical and mental health. The consumption of God is related to man’s strong and old age, and the gain and loss of God is also related to man’s prosperity and decline. Therefore, to close your eyes and nourish your spirit is to keep the essence of the five zang organs.

“eyes” are people’s spiritual orifices and windows of the soul.

the essence and Qi of the human body’s viscera are all injected into the eyes. When you close your eyes and nourish your mind, you should relax your whole body and let it go. Only in this way can you dredge the meridians and smooth the flow of Qi and blood. The combination of work and rest makes the liver nourishing and liver protecting receive unexpected effect. It is undoubtedly good for the liver to rest at the right time and decompress the liver.

after a meal, sitting with eyes closed can provide more blood for the liver,

can provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients for liver cells, which is of great benefit to the liver. For people who have already suffered from liver disease, this is a simple and effective way to protect the liver. Therefore, we must form a good habit of closing our eyes after meals.

close your eyes and nourish your mind. You can do it between work and study. You can also choose a quiet place to close your eyes and sit alone. You can eliminate all external interference and relax your thoughts and feelings. You can make your brain in a static state without missing or worrying. Don’t underestimate the minutes of closing your eyes, it can make you quickly “charge” and get energy.

when you can’t sleep at night, the best choice is to “close your eyes”

to calm your mind, rather than reading books and newspapers. At the same time of “closing eyes and nourishing spirit”, if combined with eye exercises, it can improve the symptoms of dizziness, blurred vision, dry eyes and eye muscle fatigue.

, the specific method is

gently close your eyes, use two thumbs to rub outward 24 times in the inner corner of the eyes, or use two hands and four fingers together to gently turn the finger surface outward on the two eyes for 24 times, and then turn inward for 24 times.

the habit of often closing our eyes is the easiest and easiest of all our habits. No matter in the company or at home, when you are tired or have a lunch break, you can always close your eyes and nourish yourself. It’s also a good way to rest.

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