After finishing the hot pot, have some coix seed

Eat job’s tears after eating hot pot

eat job’s tears after eating hot pot

job’s tears, also known as job’s tears, job’s tears, taste sweet, light, slightly cold, with spleen, lung, heat, dampness, is a good food therapy for patients with spleen deficiency. Modern research shows that job’s tears contains much higher protein than rice and flour, and also contains 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, the proportion of which is close to the needs of human body. In addition, job’s tears also has the characteristics of easy digestion and absorption, especially suitable for the weak spleen and stomach. If you often have abdominal distension and diarrhea, and you find that your tongue is fat and big, with tooth marks on the edge of your tongue, and the coating on your tongue is white or yellow, you can eat Coix.

there are many ways to eat job’s tears, the most commonly used is porridge, such as job’s tears red bean porridge, job’s tears lotus leaf porridge. The former is suitable for people with spleen deficiency and damp heat, while the latter is suitable for people with high blood lipid. It should be noted that Coix should be soaked for 3 & mdash; minutes before cooking; For 4 hours, the water for soaking rice should be boiled together. In addition, in winter, you can also stir fry the job’s tears and drink them in water, which can weaken the coolness of job’s tears and strengthen the spleen.

in addition to spleen and dampness, job’s tears also have many effects. Coix lacrylate and linoleic acid in Coix lacryma jobI have good anti-tumor and immunity enhancing effects. Coix in Coix lacryma jobI is a natural beauty and wrinkle removing product. If the spleen and stomach are deficient and the face is wrinkled and dark, you can cook congee with coix seed, yam, jujube and millet.

although Coix is good, it is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for patients with spermatorrhea, enuresis and pregnant women.

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