After the festival, eating like this can recuperate the intestines

After the festival, eating like this can recuperate the intestines. After the festival, eating like this can recuperate the intestines. Eating fruits can balance digestion. Many of the delicious foods eaten in the festival are fried or desserts. Eating more naturally makes the intestines bitter. Fried food is easy to cause spleen and stomach heat stagnation, resulting in constipation or abdominal distension; And eating too much dessert can also lead to spleen deficiency and dampness, resulting in dampness stagnation and diarrhea. To adjust the imbalance of digestive function in the festival, fruit is quite effective.

orange juice and papaya can well adjust the digestive function. They both have the effect of removing heat stagnation. You might as well drink a few more glasses of orange juice or eat papaya these two days, but you should drink it 1-2 hours after eating, otherwise drinking it immediately after eating will only increase the burden on your stomach. In addition, might as well buy some honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, kapok, add some jujube water to drink, not only sweet and delicious, but also balance the digestive function.

eating too much sweets is easy to cause chest tightness, diarrhea, dull appetite, hands and feet are not warm and other symptoms, tongue coating is also easy to be white. Eating more apples and guava can slowly alleviate these symptoms. Eating an appropriate amount of guava or drinking half a cup of guava juice can effectively control diarrhea, and eating apples with skin also has antidiarrheal effect.

drink more boiled water to solve greasy

Festival, every meal is not without greasy, so, most people will have excessive fat intake. Use two or three days to reduce the intake of refined rice, noodles, candy and sweet cakes, and force yourself to drink more water, especially boiled water. This can speed up the metabolism of gastrointestinal tract and reduce the harm of a large amount of meat and wine to liver. If the boiling water is tasteless, drinking tea can also remove the greasiness of the gastrointestinal tract and make the gastrointestinal tract return to normal level as soon as possible.

light food with coarse grain

after eating a few days of big fish and meat, I think I’m tired of it. At this time, I need to eat more light food to make my stomach slowly return to normal.

experts suggest that the staple food in the days after the festival should be mainly Cereals, corn, oats and other ingredients can be increased appropriately, and the proportion of dark or green vegetables should be increased. At the same time, drink more porridge and soup, such as fresh green leafy vegetables, millet porridge, noodle soup, pimple soup, etc. you might as well add some pickled vegetables. These soups all have good taste; Clear fire & quot; Role, so that you have & quot; Unbearable & quot; The rest adjustment of gastrointestinal tract.

it’s really hungry just to eat coarse grains. It’s better to eat something delicious and digestible, as the saying goes; Dumplings are delicious;, The dumpling skin made from wheat flour is rich in fiber, and the stuffing contains a variety of vegetables. In addition, cooking methods such as steaming and boiling are used. Naturally, you don’t have to worry about fat, and you can get more with one stone.

green vegetables supplement fiber

overeating every day, eat a lot, very full, think that the body needs to supplement a variety of nutrients. In fact, a lot of dietary fiber is lost in your fish and meat.

experts said that special attention should be paid to dietary fiber supplement in recent days. The reason why dietary fiber is easy to be insufficient is that the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is insufficient, and the decrease of exercise during the festival will lead to constipation or poor excretion. Therefore, we should eat more fresh vegetables and less meat to supplement enough fiber.

three meals a day, it is best to use vegetarianism to adjust slowly, breakfast must eat vegetables, such as lettuce, mustard, carrots, celery and other fresh vegetables are best eaten as staple food, these intake of chlorophyll, carotene, vitamins, fiber vegetables and a large number of meat, fish, eggs to achieve a nutritional balance, but also has the significance of conditioning stomach.

it should be noted that vegetables should not be cut off. When eating, you must chew carefully before swallowing. In this way, saliva can be naturally secreted to help digestion.

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