After the festival, how to get rid of the greasy food?

How to get rid of the greasy food after the festival

how to get rid of the greasy food after the festival

red fresh fruits and vegetables (in addition to greasy food) 6667

during the Spring Festival, the diet is mainly greasy, gastrointestinal burden is great, it is best to eat more red fruits and vegetables after the festival, such as red apple, red hawthorn, etc. Apple taste fresh and can help digestion, in which pectin helps to remove greasy; Hawthorn can be Xiaoshi Jianwei, is one of the best choices to clean up the stomach after the festival.

secondly, tomatoes and carrots are also good choices and can be eaten properly. In addition, you can make some flower and fruit tea as afternoon tea. It tastes refreshing and is good for gastrointestinal tract. Flower and fruit tea can be made by rose, lemon, chrysanthemum and so on. You can also buy ready-made flower and fruit tea in the supermarket.

cold sea cabbage (fresh and low fat)

& lt; Festival necks are generally eaten and drunk, especially during the Spring Festival. Many people forget the principle of moderate diet and indulge in eating and drinking, which leads to gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcer and acute gastroenteritis.

after the festival collocation, besides can drink some gruel that cook relatively soft rotten, still can match a small cold dish. I recommend seaweed. Cold sea cabbage is very good. It has the characteristics of low calorie and low fat, and it tastes fresh. If you have a bad appetite, you should try it.

barley chrysanthemum tea (nourish the spleen and stomach)

I always have the habit of drinking barley tea, drinking a cup of hot barley tea, the stomach is warm, very comfortable, and can alleviate the stimulation of cold food on the spleen and stomach, especially for the elderly and children. Barley tea, as a kind of wheat, will not affect sleep even at night.

can be barley tea and chrysanthemum, longan tea drink, taste fragrant, sweet. If there is no barley tea, it can be replaced by tangerine peel, which has a good effect of soothing the liver and regulating qi. In addition, eating too much meat can easily lead to food accumulation. You can make some radish soup, which has the effect of digestion and accumulation.

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