After the shelf life of food can eat it?

After the shelf life of food can eat it?

can you still eat the food beyond the shelf life?

supermarket discount, most of the food is about to expire. Xiao Bian usually takes a detour when he sees such activities, because my stomach doesn’t allow me to take risks. But there are many people said: fast expired is not expired, eat no problem. Besides, it’s OK to eat some expired food. Don’t make a fuss. Xiaobian won’t eat expired food drops, but I’m curious about a question: can food that has passed the shelf life be eaten?

shelf life & ne; Last edible time

before buying food, we often see all kinds of date labels, such as & lt; The best time to eat& ldquo; The best preservation period& ldquo; Eat before & quot; And so on. Consumers usually assume that as long as they eat before the expiration date, there is no problem. And the food beyond the shelf life is the deteriorated food, which can’t be eaten.

in fact, expired food does not mean food deterioration. Food experts from the food and Drug Administration said that the shelf life is the guarantee made by manufacturers to consumers, which guarantees that the quality of products is the best within the marked time, but it does not mean that after the time limit, the quality of products will definitely change. Food beyond the shelf life can still be eaten if the color, aroma and taste remain unchanged.

, however, the shelf life is a rigid regulation. Beyond this period, the quality will change and it is no longer suitable for consumption, and the merchants can not use it for sale. Every kind of food has a critical point of deterioration, and the shelf life is sometimes not a deadline for food consumption.

what kind of food can be eaten after the shelf life?

whether you can eat depends on whether the nature of food has changed. Sealed food may have a longer shelf life, and most of them can still be eaten after expiration. However, foods that are easy to rot, whether stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature, should be eaten as soon as possible.

it’s harmful to eat deteriorated food, but it’s a pity to discard the food that has not deteriorated after the expiration date. In order to avoid the double problems of health and waste, you must know the shelf life of these foods we often eat.


we usually don’t look at the production date and shelf life when we buy eggs, because ordinary sellers don’t mark them. But in fact, eggs also have a shelf life. When you know its production date, you only need to know one truth & mdash& mdash; The fresher the eggs, the better. If you don’t know, look at the smoothness, the rougher the eggshell surface, the fresher it is. Store the eggs at room temperature, eat them in 10-15 days, and store them in the refrigerator. The shelf life is about 3-5 weeks. Of course, it’s better to eat as soon as possible.


the shelf life of milk is long and short, not short is more healthy. Milk with a shelf life of several months may not have the same nutrition and taste as milk with a short shelf life, but its sterilization temperature is higher. Can only say that each has its own advantages, but near the shelf life of the milk, it is best to drink as soon as possible. In addition, it’s better to drink all the small boxes at one time when they are open. If you can’t finish the large boxes, you must put them in the refrigerator at the latest the next day. After all, there are a lot of bacteria in the refrigerator. The longer the milk is kept open, the easier it is to contain bacteria.


the shelf life of yogurt is relatively short among many foods, most of which is less than one month. The yoghurt we bought should be stored at room temperature by the hour. If it is stored at low temperature in the refrigerator, it can be extended to about 15 days. It is suggested that it should be finished within 10 days. If you have passed the shelf life of yogurt, you will not smell bad, and the appearance and taste will not change. If you think it’s OK, you can eat it. After all, not everyone’s stomach is as fragile as Xiaobian.

smoked meat

smoked pickled products, even if it is deteriorated, the surface will not have much change, so it is easy for us to confuse, I do not know if it can be eaten after the shelf life. If it’s vacuum packed and bought back, it’s always frozen in the refrigerator. It’s usually no problem within the shelf life and can be eaten. However, it should be noted that the unsealed must be put into the freezer! But if it’s not vacuum packed, even if it’s in the refrigerator, try to eat it within a week of buying it back.


if they are self-made sausages in bags bought from supermarkets or made at home, they should not be kept in the refrigerator for a long time, but should be eaten as soon as possible. If it is vacuum packaged sausage, it can be preserved for a long time in the quick-frozen area, and some can be eaten even after a year. The key depends on whether the color of the sausage remains the original color or brown. After thawing, it depends on whether the meat is rotten, smelly or blackened. If one of the three problems occurs, it means that the quality of the sausage has changed, so don’t eat it.

cream cheese

different cheese shelf life is different, the general shelf life is 12 months, there are 18 months. The shelf life of baby cheese is usually 3 months, while Kaifeng cheese can be stored for 7-21 days. For large packaged cream cheese, if you can’t use it all at once, you may as well boil the knife in boiling water for 10 minutes, then cut the cream cheese into equal pieces, wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator freezer. Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of one month is no problem.

edible butter

the shelf life of edible oil is generally 12 months, some brands can be extended to 18 months. The preservation condition of butter is 2-8 ℃. It is recommended to put it into the refrigerator for cryopreservation. Generally speaking, there is still a long way to go before the shelf life, and the butter you buy will be OK in the refrigerator for one month. But if you take out the butter and find that it can’t melt, it becomes as thin and soft as tofu, and it’s elastic when pinched, it’s probably gone bad. At this time, you have to throw it away quickly.

canned food

canned food is usually sealed, isolated from oxygen, so the shelf life is longer. If the canned food you buy has not been opened for a long time, or even has passed the shelf life, first check whether the can has a sense of expansion, and then check whether the object has a peculiar smell, and whether the can wall has corrosion. If there are all of them, it means that the food has gone bad. If everything is normal, it’s best to heat the food and eat it again, so as to have more peace of mind.

if you buy fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s the best to eat them on the same day. But if it is sealed packaging and has a long shelf life, the sooner the better. If it is beyond the shelf life, I feel that the quality of food has not changed, and there are problems after eating, it depends on the individual’s stomach acceptance ability.

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