Alcohol can cause liver damage, which is far more than that. Alcohol can also kill people

a few days ago, it was reported in the news that a teenager was killed in & lt; A bowl of wine & quot; After the booths, 9 bowls of Baijiu were drunk and died, which made many people exclaim: can drinking be directly fatal? yes. The reason for the young man’s death in the news has yet to be found out, but it has become a well-known fact that he was injured by drinking too much. Most people only know that drinking too much hurts the liver, and the damage is far more than that. The following are the cases: drinking too much kills! Now follow to understand it!

First, suffocating

from slightly drunk to drunk may be only a few cups of Baijiu distance, but may be separated from Yin and Yang. If we are drunk and unconscious, our protective effect on airway instinct will be weakened or even disappear. If we vomit at this time, vomit will easily enter the trachea, block the trachea and cause asphyxia, which is life-threatening. Therefore, when the drunk vomits, he must turn his head to one side to reduce the occurrence of aspiration.

in addition, if the amount of vomiting is large and the frequency is large, we need to be alert to hypokalemia. Severe hypokalemia can also induce malignant arrhythmia, respiratory myasthenia and endanger life. Because the symptoms of hypokalemia are difficult to recognize under the cover of drunkenness, when your friend is unconscious, take him to a doctor as soon as possible. 2. Disulfiram like reaction

disulfiram is a kind of drug for abstinence from alcohol. Some people take alcohol after taking medicine or take medicine after drinking. It is called disulfiram like reaction. It usually occurs within half an hour after drinking. It is mainly manifested as facial flushing, headache, chest tightness, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, limb fatigue, sweating, nausea and vomiting Vomiting, blurred vision, serious blood pressure drop, dyspnea, loss of consciousness may occur, very few cause death.

the drugs that cause disulfide like reactions are antibiotics, including cephalosporins and nitrazoles, such as metronidazole or ornidazole. It should be noted that during the 14 days after the use of the above antibiotics and after stopping the drug, alcohol or food products including beverages, food, drugs, such as Baijiu, yellow wine, beer, wine core chocolate, and Herba Xiang Qi Qi, should be avoided. Hydrocortisone injection, especially the elderly and patients with cardiovascular disease should pay more attention. In a word: drinking without medicine, taking medicine without drinking.

3、 Hypoglycemia

alcohol can induce hypoglycemia in the process of metabolism in the body. Blood glucose is the energy basis of body operation, which is particularly important for maintaining brain function. The early stage of hypoglycemia can be manifested as palpitation, sweating and irritability. With the aggravation of hypoglycemia, there can be drowsiness, confusion and even coma. Hypoglycemia can be quickly recovered after timely treatment, without permanent sequelae. If it lasts for more than 6 hours, there can be varying degrees of neurological damage or even death. When drinking, you must eat some staple food properly to avoid hypoglycemia. If the above symptoms appear, you can eat some sugar first, but you still need to see a doctor in time.

4. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular emergencies

heavy drinking itself can cause myocardial injury. For sober people, it can be manifested as palpitation, chest tightness and other discomfort, but for drunken people, it may not have any feeling. Heart injury just quietly appears and steals people’s lives. In addition, drinking can induce a variety of cardiovascular accidents, the most common are myocardial infarction, stroke, cerebral hemorrhage. Similarly, because the drunk is in deep sleep, it is difficult for bystanders or even themselves to detect. Therefore, the drinkers should strengthen self-control, the bystanders should be more vigilant, and the doctors should make a detailed examination, so as not to let a drink ruin health and life.

5、 Acute pancreatitis and gastrointestinal bleeding can be induced by alcohol. Under normal circumstances, the pancreas transports pancreatin to the intestines and is responsible for digesting all kinds of food. After drinking, the pancreas works overtime. However, there is a large amount of food and liquid in the intestines, and the transportation of products produced by working overtime in the pancreas is blocked. As a result, a large number of stocks are stranded in the pancreas and begin to digest the pancreas itself, which seems to open Pandora’s magic box and induce systemic reactions, In severe cases, multiple organ failure occurs in the whole body, and even attack the heart, causing cardiac arrest. Once the process of pancreatitis begins, put yourself at risk, and the only way to prevent it is not to drink. In addition, patients with liver disease should be advised that alcohol is metabolized through the liver, and alcohol itself promotes the occurrence and development of liver disease, so people with poor liver should abstain from drinking. Patients with liver cirrhosis especially need to quit drinking.

drinking can also lead to gastrointestinal bleeding or even massive bleeding. On the one hand, drinking can stimulate gastric acid secretion, which may erode blood vessels and cause bleeding, especially in patients with liver cirrhosis complicated with esophageal and gastric varices. On the other hand, alcohol can make the gastric mucosa and mucus layer thin, mucosal epithelial cell necrosis, and induce bleeding. 6. Hypothermia: there is only one blanket between you and the students!

because alcohol can cause vasodilation, increase heat dissipation, reduce judgment or cause delay, especially in cold environment, it is easy to cause hypothermia. Hypothermia can cause hypercoagulability, hyperglycemia and arrhythmia, resulting in accidental death. Especially in winter, if you fall on the roadside after getting drunk, alcohol will accelerate the heat dissipation. Low body temperature can cause hypercoagulability, hyperglycemia and arrhythmia, resulting in accidental death. Therefore, we must keep warm after getting drunk. No matter how heavy it is, a blanket can prevent accidents. We must remember that.

7、 Fake wine

if the accident is a natural disaster, fake wine is a man-made disaster. The most common formula of fake wine is mixed with industrial alcohol. Although it is all alcohol, it is called methanol for industrial use. 5-10 ml can cause poisoning, and 30 ml can cause death. Methanol itself mainly plays a sedative role, but maternal methanol metabolizes formate in human body, which can cause retinal damage and lead to permanent blindness. There are also some fake alcohol containing polyols, which can cause serious metabolic acidosis, leading to serious consequences. However, regardless of the so-called alcohol consumption, the intake of 250-500ml alcohol (ethanol) can cause death.

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