All kinds of small tricks to remove traces of adhesive tape make it easier for you to remove them.

: usual methods to remove traces of transparent adhesive

1: using eraser, eraser is also very effective to remove traces of transparent adhesive, but it is only suitable for a small range of traces.

2. Use wet towel. This method may be the one we think of when we first find traces of transparent glue. We can use a wet towel to wet the offset printing place, and then slowly wipe, but this method is limited to the place that is not afraid of sticky wet.

3. Use alcohol to wipe. First, when using this method, it is necessary to determine in advance that the place to be wiped is not afraid of fading. After gluing alcohol on a cloth, slowly wipe it until it is wiped off.

4 and detergent also have the effect of removing the traces of transparent glue, and the use steps are the same as other methods.

5, ordinary nail washing water because there are chemical components, so the effect of removing traces of transparent glue is also very good.

Do not tear off that layer of paper first, heat it with an electric hair dryer, and then you can take it off as soon as you take it.

2. If you have left a black mark, you can apply some white flower oil on it, then wipe it with a rag, and then clean it with clean water. If you don’t have white flower oil at home, you can use essential oil or Dieda oil to rub it repeatedly.

3. If the black mark is not big, you can wipe it with an eraser. If the area is large, anhydrous alcohol, that is, industrial alcohol, can be applied to the paste position, and then wipe it with a cloth.

4. Use a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the whole trace. When the double-sided adhesive tape is completely wet, gently scrape it off with a ruler.

The way to remove foam double-sided adhesive is

. If you stick it on the wall, you can use a sharp object to scrape a small corner, and then pull down the small corner with your hands. This method is tiring, but it won’t leave any trace.

2, if you put it on plastic, dip the towel in the hot water, soak the foam double-sided glue, and then find the small corner slowly scrape off.

3. If it is pasted on the glass, try to use detergent. Take some detergent powder and put it on a semi wet cloth. Wipe it back and forth several times. If it is a hard mark, you can wet the mark first, and then use decontamination powder.

4. Soak the cloth in warm water first, and then wipe the trace position. While wiping, generally spray detergent. After a while, the offset will become soft and easy to remove.

ways to remove double sided glue on the wall. First, use the paint polish to clean the nail polish. Because to light water can make the wall with the original color off. This method is recommended to be used in a small place that is not obvious. It is not recommended to use if the wall is large and conspicuous.

2. Use the heating method to soften the double-sided adhesive tape. Blow it with a hair dryer. When the double-sided adhesive tape becomes soft, the marks can be easily removed.

3. We can take a piece of dry cloth covered with vinegar to cover the whole double-sided tape trace. After the double-sided tape is completely wet, it can be easily removed with a ruler.

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