Alternative daily magical use of band aid

band aid is also known as benzalkonium chloride paste, commonly known as bactericidal elastic band aid. As the name suggests, many people stick it as soon as they have trauma. It’s an alternative band aid for people who wear glasses. If you accidentally break the leg of the glasses or lose the screw at the joint, you can use the band aid to connect the leg of the glasses with the glasses. There is no problem in using it in a short time.

2, the tent or sleeping bag has a small hole. When there is no repair glue, it can be temporarily pasted with band aid to prevent the tent from leaking or sleeping bag from leaking.

3. You can roll the plastic into a funnel, tear off the dressing in the middle of the band aid and put it in the middle of the funnel to filter out the impurities in the water.

4 Before you go on the road, you can find a small restaurant and ask for a piece of ginger. Stick a band aid on your navel to prevent carsickness.

5. If the shoes you just bought don’t fit, you may get stuck in the heel. If you stick a band aid on the back of the shoes, the problem will be alleviated a lot.

6. The climate is too dry. The joint of fingers and nails often cracks and causes unbearable pain. Cut off the adhesive part of the band aid and cover the crack directly. If you stick it well, you can stop the pain immediately.

It is strictly forbidden to use band aid in six cases. For patients with large wounds, the gauze of band aid can not completely cover the wound, but the adhesive tape pasted on the wound is not good. When the patient changes, it is easy to tear the wound and increase the wound area. At the same time, the wound under the adhesive tape is more prone to infection and allergy.

tape allergy. If you are allergic to adhesive tape, band aids are not recommended. Many people may have allergic symptoms. They are allergic to the adhesive tape of the band aid. At this time, they will have itching, redness and swelling of the skin, and even small blisters, which are easy to be infected. This kind of burn is less than a (?) = ” />

. The use of band aids is not recommended for burns and scalds. The use of band aids can lead to infection of the wound surface. If you are accidentally scalded, it is recommended to cool down with cold water first, and then apply scald ointment. If it is serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.

animal scratch. If you are bitten or scratched by animals, it is not recommended to use band aids, because the use of band aids will lead to the spread of bacteria in the wound, which will lead to infection. At this time, you need to wash the wound with soapy water first, and then go to the hospital for injection of rabies vaccine.

skin furuncle. In patients with skin diseases such as furuncle, band aid is not conducive to the drainage and absorption of pus in the furuncle, but is conducive to the growth and reproduction of bacteria. It is generally recommended to wash with warm water in the early stage, and apply 70% alcohol to disinfect around the boils to prevent the infection from spreading to nearby hair follicles, or apply ichthyolith ointment. When there is pus head, apply carbolic acid at the top. If there is wave motion, facial boils or systemic symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

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