Although a lot of fruit, what harm does food have?

Although a lot of fruit, what harm does food have?

although fruit is good, what harm does more food have?

watermelon: clearing heat and reducing heat, cold nature, excessive consumption is easy to cause stomach cold

Xiaoli after pregnancy, pregnancy reaction is more serious, eat what all have no appetite, only love watermelon, every day to & quot; Eliminate & quot; A whole watermelon. However, in the recent week, Xiao Li felt that her mouth was very dry. The more she ate watermelon, the more thirsty she was. To the hospital after examination, found that gestational diabetes mellitus, to be hospitalized. Br / > watermelon is a good product for clearing heat and reducing heat, but it should not be eaten too much. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine theory, watermelon is cold, excessive consumption is easy to cause stomach cold, abdominal fullness, abdominal distension, stomach digestion ability decline and other adverse reactions. In addition, watermelon is also rich in sugar, if too much sugar intake, it is easy to make excess carbohydrates remain in the body, eventually leading to the accumulation of fat. And when the body fluid becomes acidic environment, it not only affects the intake of protein, minerals and other nutrients, resulting in nutritional imbalance, but also has a serious impact on health.

durian: it is rich in nutrition. Over eating can cause abdominal distension, diarrhea, and even arteriosclerosis.

durian is big and spiny; Temperament & quot; Special, known as the south fruit queen, rich in nutritional value, there are & quot; One durian and three chickens; It’s not the same. However, durian is a kind of hot fruit. Its rich nutrition will be inflamed because it cannot be completely absorbed by the intestines and stomach. The Ministry of health of Thailand has issued a notice to warn people not to eat more than two durian petals a day.

in addition to heat, eating too much durian at one time will hinder the absorption of iron, cause sugar indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other symptoms.

durian is rich in methionine, which can be converted into cysteine by enzyme. Cysteine can damage the endothelial cells of arterial wall, which can easily deposit cholesterol and triglyceride on the arterial wall and promote the formation of arteriosclerosis.

in addition, durian contains more purines. Gout patients with abnormal purine metabolism and patients with increased serum uric acid concentration eat more, which is easy to cause gout attack. Therefore, gout patients must eat less.

persimmon: it contains a lot of tannic acid and pectin, so it is easy to form stomach stone when eating too much. Mr. Cheng, 72 years old in Jiangxi Province, grows persimmon trees at home. He is afraid of wasting them when they grow up, so he eats them as food every day. After eating for about 10 days, Mr. Cheng began to feel sick and couldn’t eat anything. Later, I went to a hospital in Hangzhou and found that there were many huge stones in my stomach. After surgery, I successfully removed eight black stones, the largest one was about 8 cm, and the small one was also 4 cm.

of all the fruits, persimmon is called & lt; The sweetest fruit;. However, persimmon should not be eaten too much. It contains a lot of tannin and pectin. If a person eats too much tannin, insoluble precipitates will be formed in the environment of gastric acid and the protein in the stomach. In addition, persimmon contains a lot of pectin and fiber, which can not be discharged in time, it is easy to form stomach stones, which will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, obstruction, ulcer and other problems; Gastrolithiasis;. So when eating persimmon, it must be appropriate, and must not eat on an empty stomach.

plums: eating too much will make people feel weak heat, brain distension and other discomfort.

Ms. Fang, who lives in Ganzhou, found that her 4-year-old child suddenly began to vomit, then gradually became unstable and soon became semi comatose. With the help of a kind-hearted man, he was sent to the hospital. After diagnosis, the doctor said that fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time. The child may have suffered from acute gastroenteritis complicated with vomiting due to eating plums. At present, he is in a state of dehydration. Although it is no big problem, he needs to be hospitalized.

“ Peaches raise people, apricots hurt people, and plum trees bury people;, Although this doggerel may be exaggerated, the experience of the working people should be believable. Life experience has proved that eating more plums will make people have deficiency heat, brain swelling and other discomfort. The bitter and astringent plum is poisonous and can’t be eaten. Plum eat phlegm, damage teeth, weak patients should eat less.

on the harm of plum to human body, Sun Simiao advised: & lt; Don’t eat too much, it’s empty《 The South Yunnan materia medica; Do not eat too much, damage the spleen and stomach《 There is also a & lt; Eat more phlegm, help dampness and develop malaria, especially for those with spleen deficiency; If you want to.

lychee: it can produce body fluid and quench thirst. Excessive consumption can easily lead to hypoglycemia.

a 7-year-old girl in Wuhan fainted after eating one and a half catties of lychee. After examination, the doctor found that the child was hypoglycemia caused by excessive consumption of lychee, which is commonly known as & quot; Litchi disease;.

indeed, litchi is not only juicy and sweet, but also can produce saliva and quench thirst, which is popular with many friends. But be careful, too much litchi can lead to disease.

litchi contains a lot of monosaccharide and fructose, and fructose under the catalysis of a series of enzymes will generate glucose, enter the blood, resulting in a large amount of insulin secretion, and rapidly reduce blood glucose, resulting in a more serious hypoglycemic reaction. If you happen to eat a lot of lychees on an empty stomach, the risk of hypoglycemia is even greater.

eating too much litchi can cause symptoms such as sweating, cold limbs, weakness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even life-threatening. In particular, children should try to avoid eating too much lychee, otherwise it will seriously damage their health.

any fruit can’t eat too much all at once

fruit can’t eat too much, especially in a day can’t unlimited to eat fruit, that’s harmful to the body.

fruits contain a lot of sugar. If you eat too much, you can’t absorb all the sugar. It will mix with the urine in the kidney and suffer from & lt; Fruit urination;, In the long run, kidney cancer will be formed, and the human body’s need and absorption of various nutrients are limited. Eating too much will not only waste, but also cause burden, and then lead to adverse conditions and even diseases.

how many fruits are the most suitable to eat every day?

the Chinese Nutrition Society recommends eating at least 100-200 grams of fruit a day in its dietary guidelines. According to the needs of human body, consumption possibility and personal experience, it is appropriate to take about 0.5kg per person per day, that is, 2-3 fruits (apples, pears, bananas and oranges). However, there are no special requirements for the types, but it is suggested that 1-3 kinds should be achieved. Basically speaking, one fruit is indispensable, two fruits are needed and three fruits are up to the standard.

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