Although balsam pear is good, don’t be greedy. Spring balsam pear is not suitable for people.

balsam pear contains a kind of protein lipid substance, which can stimulate and enhance the ability of immune cells in animals to swallow cancer cells. It can play an anti-cancer role in vivo together with quinine in alkaloids. It contains a large amount of carotene, vitamins, fat, protein and trace elements. It contains more vitamin B and vitamin C than any vegetable, especially with special bitter taste and bitter glycoside. It is suitable for diabetics and has the effect of decomposing fat. Let’s take a look at it with you.

Momordica charantia efficacy large dish point

can reduce blood glucose.

contains substances similar to insulin and momordoside in Momordica charantia, which has the effect of reducing blood glucose, For patients with diabetes, fresh bitter gourd juice can be consumed every day, and the effect of lowering blood sugar will be better.

can promote the digestion and absorption of food,

contains a large number of bitter elements and bitter melon glycosides, can improve people’s appetite, has the effect of invigorating the spleen and appetizing. Balsam pear contains alkaline substances, which can reduce inflammation, fever, diuresis and blood circulation, as well as clear heart and clear eyes.

Balsam pear contains a unique high-energy fat scavenger, which can reduce the body’s intake of fat and polysaccharides. This substance can directly act on the small intestine and improve the intestinal cell mesh, It can prevent the absorption of body polysaccharides and fat macromolecules, accelerate the absorption of small molecule nutrients, and has no toxic and side effects on the body. Balsam pear also has the effect of moisturizing and whitening skin, and can calm the skin.

protects the body

Momordica charantia has the functions of preventing scurvy, protecting cell membrane, preventing atherosclerosis, improving the stress ability of the body, protecting the heart and so on.


the effective components of Momordica charantia L. can inhibit the canceration of normal cells and promote the recovery of mutant cells, which has a certain anticancer effect.

balsam pear can reduce weight, blood fat and blood sugar, especially for preventing abdominal fat accumulation.

. However, the main reason for the effect of balsam pear on weight loss is that there are three kinds of balsam pear enzymes, which are not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, the sun dried balsam pear can maintain its weight loss effect after boiling in hot water.

What kind of person must not eat bitter gourd?

1, the body of calcium deficiency

4, low blood sugar and blood pressure crowd

balsam pear has the effect of clearing fire and reducing blood sugar, but it will have a certain impact on the heart. For people with low blood pressure and hypoglycemia, you can’t eat a lot of bitter gourd, or it will cause people to faint.

warm tips

although the nutritional value of balsam pear is very high, but it is not suitable for all people, should be under the guidance of a doctor to choose. In fact, balsam pear is a treasure all over the body. When eating, try not to remove the nutrients. Balsam pear has the effect of antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which improves the immune system.

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