Although chicken soup is good, these people are not suitable for drinking

Although the chicken soup is good, these people are not suitable for drinking

. Although the chicken soup is good, these people are not suitable for drinking

1. Cholecystitis and cholelithiasis often occur. should not drink more chicken soup, because the digestion of fat in chicken soup needs bile to participate together. After drinking chicken soup, it will stimulate gallbladder contraction and easily lead to cholecystitis attack.

2. In patients with chronic superficial gastritis, has more gastric acid and poor digestive function. Drinking more chicken soup will promote gastric acid secretion, which is not conducive to digestion, but will increase gastrointestinal burden and cause dyspepsia.

3, patients with hyperlipidemia and fatty liver, chicken soup after the fat is absorbed, will promote the further increase of blood lipids, blood cholesterol, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the liver, will deposit in the intima of blood vessels, cause coronary atherosclerosis and other pathological changes.

4, hyperuricemia patients should not drink chicken soup, because chicken soup is rich in purine and fat, can induce gout attack.

5, renal insufficiency patients, chicken soup contains some small molecule protein, suffering from acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency or uremia patients, because the patient’s kidney and liver can not dispose of protein decomposition products on time, drinking too much will lead to hyperazotemia, aggravating the disease process.

in addition, the nutritional value of chicken soup is not as much as chicken, mainly some water-soluble small molecular substances, in addition to oil and calories, purine content is also very large, the protein content in the soup is only about 7% of chicken, objectively speaking, it is not nutritious. So the most healthy way to eat is to eat chicken, soup is just seasoning.

however, it is good for people with weak constitution to drink old hen soup. In addition, black bone chicken stew can also play the role of Tonifying Qi and blood and essence; Light cocks should be the first choice for young people; For children with long body, it’s better to take it; Chicken & quot; Boiled chicken soup; Chicken & quot; In other words, little cocks are afraid of the cold in winter and children’s growth retardation; Chicken & quot; Beneficial to promote the growth and development of the body.

although the chicken soup is good, it is a great tonic, but if you don’t drink it well, it will also bring harm. If you want to make it up, it will become harm. So even if you eat nutritious food, you must take it as appropriate, and never hurt yourself.

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