Although coarse grain is good, these people are not suitable to eat more

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Although the coarse grain is good, these people are not suitable to eat more

. Although the coarse grain is good, these people are not suitable to eat more

1. Patients with stomach diseases should be careful to eat

. People with stomach diseases or peptic ulcer are not suitable to eat more coarse grain. A large amount of cellulose will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract to a certain extent. It’s OK for normal healthy people, but it’s not suitable for people with severe gastritis or too much gastric acid, and it’s also unbearable for people with gastrointestinal ulcer.

2, anemia people can not eat more dietary fiber

anemia people who eat more than 50 grams of fiber per day may reduce the utilization rate of protein, but also affect mineral absorption. Coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber. Secondly, oats, buckwheat, corn and other cereals, as well as mung beans, red beans and other miscellaneous beans also contain & lt; Anti nutritional & quot; Phytic acid and other substances. They can hinder the absorption of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals, but also delay the digestion and absorption of protein. All these will affect the health of anemia patients to a certain extent.

3 and infants under 6 years old are not suitable to eat more

, because preschool children’s gastrointestinal tract is immature, digestion and absorption function is poor, should not be stimulated more. Children need to take in a lot of calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals in the process of growth and development, while phytic acid and tannin in coarse grains may hinder the absorption of these micronutrients.

4, adolescent girls should not eat too much

if adolescent girls eat too much coarse grains, cholesterol in other foods will be excreted with cellulose, resulting in the reduction of female hormone synthesis, affecting the development of uterus and other reproductive organs. In addition, I have eaten for a long time; Rough & quot;, It will affect the absorption of protein, inorganic salt and some trace elements in human body, even cause damage to the function of bone, heart, gastrointestinal and other organs, and reduce the immune ability of human body.

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