Although cucumbers are good to eat, there are also taboos:

Although cucumbers are good to eat, there are also taboos. Although cucumbers are good, there are also taboos to eat.

cucumbers are common vegetables in life. They are loved by the public because of their delicate fragrance and tenderness. Cucumbers are rich in nutritional value and provide human body with various trace elements and vitamins necessary for growth and development. Cucumber has many advantages, but we should pay attention to match all kinds of nutrition.

cucumber is a common vegetable in daily life. It is loved by the public because of its delicate fragrance. Cucumber has rich nutritional value, providing various trace elements and vitamins necessary for human growth and development. At the same time, cucumber also has excellent beauty effect, which can make people’s skin moist and delicate. Many women who love beauty like to use cucumber slices to stick on the face, which can effectively resist skin aging, reduce the generation of wrinkles, and reduce wrinkles on the face. It can be said that cucumber has many advantages.

so, although cucumber has many advantages, can you eat it at will? This idea is absolutely wrong. Xiaobian should remind you that although cucumber has many nutrients and benefits, there are also some taboos when it is eaten.

cucumber with peanut diarrhea come to

many people in drinking, like to use cucumber cut into small, and cooked peanuts mix to the current wine and vegetables. In fact, this kind of collocation is very improper, cucumber and peanut collocation is very easy to cause diarrhea, this is because, cucumber is sweet and cold, many people like to eat raw cucumber, and peanut more fat, generally speaking, fat food and cold food collocation, easy to increase the slippery, thus causing diarrhea, so should not eat together. Gastrointestinal function is not very good friends must avoid eating both.

the vitamin C decomposing enzyme rich in cucumber is easy to destroy the vitamin C in other vegetables. Therefore, when eating cucumber with pepper, celery and other foods, VC is easy to be destroyed. Therefore, cucumber must not be eaten with pepper, celery, tomato and other foods rich in vitamin C.

the more vitamin C is rich in food, the easier it is to be destroyed by the decomposing enzymes in cucumber when eating with cucumber. Readers must bear in mind.

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