Although ginseng is good to eat, it should be cautious

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Although ginseng is good, you need to be careful when eating it; Ginseng is not guilty of murder, rhubarb is not;, We must understand that this sentence is said in reverse, and it is a kind of helplessness and exclamation to the world’s favorite supplements. Since ancient times, we all like tonics. Watching TV, we always send a thousand year old ginseng and a hundred year old Ganoderma lucidum to help those who are healthy. Few people say that sending rhubarb can make others have diarrhea. Tonic drugs have always been very popular in China. That’s why there is such a helpless saying.

many doctors, not even doctors, but doctors, like to use conservative drugs and even tonics. People are happy when they take tonics. They generally think that tonics are good for their health. Even if they don’t, they won’t do any harm. Just like many people eat health care products now, they think it’s no harm to eat them. But is it really no harm? But it’s really & lt; Ginseng is not guilty of murder; Is that right?

the position of ginseng in traditional Chinese medicine is really needless to say; The king of herbs;, It is also one of the nine fairyland grasses in China. It can be seen that ginseng has always been worshipped in & lt; Altar & quot; It’s on. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginseng is sweet, slightly bitter and slightly warm, and belongs to the lung, spleen and heart channels. It has the effect of tonifying vital energy, spleen, lung, body fluid, calming mind and improving intelligence. It is used for deficiency of vital energy, Qi deficiency of lung, spleen, heart and kidney, Qi deficiency of heat disease, thirst due to fluid injury and diabetes《 It is recorded in Bencao Huiyan that ginseng: & lt; It is also a medicine for Invigorating Qi, generating blood, helping essence and nourishing spirit& rdquo;

of course, the value of ginseng is undeniable, but I absolutely do not support the misuse of ginseng. On the one hand, it is a waste of drugs, on the other hand, it will cause great harm. Ginseng is a great tonic. It can greatly tonify the vitality of people with deficiency of vitality. Many times, we hear that old ginseng is used to hang a breath, but for people with deficiency of vitality and positive evidence, ginseng can’t be used. In fact, the living standard is relatively high now. There are many people with phlegm dampness and damp heat, so ginseng is not suitable for people with Yin deficiency, let alone people with Yin deficiency; It should be used with caution for those who vomit blood due to excessive fire due to yin deficiency;. Ginseng is warm and nourishing in nature. It’s like adding fuel to the fire for those with Yin deficiency.

therefore, although ginseng is good, it will also have great disadvantages if it is used incorrectly. People with positive symptoms, damp heat, phlegm dampness and yin deficiency should be cautious in using ginseng. In addition, ginseng can not be used with wulingzhi and radish.

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