Although medicinal wine is good, half a Liang a day is enough for

Although the medicinal wine is good, half Liang a day is enough for

. Although the medicinal wine is good, half Liang a day is enough for

. The medicinal wine has a long history in China, with a wide variety and different effects. There are two main types of oral users: one is tonic, such as ginseng wine, pilose antler wine, Shenqi wine, Shiquandabu wine, etc; The other has therapeutic effect, such as Wujiapi liquor, Zhuifeng medicinal liquor, Fengshi medicinal liquor, etc.

people who are not good at drinking should choose low alcohol fermented wine, such as yellow rice wine, rice wine, etc; People who can drink alcohol can choose distilled liquor with higher degree, such as Shaojiu and Daqu liquor, according to the specific situation, and the degree should be about 50 degrees. Tonic medicinal wine should be taken before meals, so that it can be quickly absorbed by the human body and give full play to its efficacy. It is not suitable to take it with meals, so as not to affect its efficacy. The best dosage is about 20 ml (half Liang) per day, and it should not be drunk for a long time to avoid the damage of alcohol to human heart, liver, kidney and nervous system. The use of therapeutic wine should be based on the doctor’s prescription or experience to prepare and take.

the method of taking medicinal wine depends on the Constitution and age. Patients with chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, acute and chronic nephritis, hypertension, gastric ulcer and other diseases should be cautious, alcohol allergy is forbidden. For the elderly and women and children, a small amount should be given, and a small amount should be given. In case of cold, fever, sore throat and tracheitis, should stop taking. Women with menorrhagia should be careful to use Huoxue liquor.

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