Although these foods are not delicious, they can make people live longer

. These foods are not delicious, but they can make people live longer

1. The presence of tannin, phytic acid and oxalic acid in astringent foods will make food astringent, because they will combine with salivary protein in the mouth and precipitate, making saliva lose its lubricity, The epithelium of tongue shrinks and produces astringency. But these substances have strong antioxidant properties, and are beneficial to preventing diabetes and hyperlipidemia. For example, olive, purple grape skin, apple skin and walnut kernel skin have stronger antioxidant effect than pulp. It is suggested that apples and grapes should be eaten with skin, and the brown skin should not be removed when eating walnuts.

2, coarse food

some people prefer fine fragrant rice and white flour products, but don’t like brown rice and Wotou because they eat & quot; To prick one’s throat;. In fact & lt; Prick your throat; It is the precious dietary fiber that can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help defecate, change the type and number of intestinal microorganisms, and reduce the generation of carcinogens. Dietary fiber is widely found in coarse food, including whole grain rice, wheat and beans, such as brown rice, oats, red beans and so on. In order to prevent constipation and bowel cancer, 20 & mdash should be taken every day; 30 grams of dietary fiber. It is suggested that we should give up the traditional white rice porridge for breakfast and drink coarse cereals porridge instead. Fine white rice should be replaced by whole wheat steamed bread.

3, bitter food

, natural bitter substances in food also have certain health functions, such as naringin in lemon and grapefruit, tea polyphenols in tea, polyphenols in red wine and polyphenols in chocolate, which are all ingredients that help to prevent cancer and heart disease. The quinine essence in balsam pear can also improve human immunity and help control blood sugar. Therefore, fruit must be eaten together, not only sweet, but also bitter and sour. Eat the grapefruit skin, do not throw away, can be cut into pieces after making honey grapefruit tea. For balsam pear, blanch it in hot water and dip it in honey after freezing. Compared with sweet orange, watermelon and banana, people who like to eat sour fruits such as sand fruit and hawthorn are relatively less. In fact, the sour taste of these fruits mainly comes from citric acid, malic acid and other organic acids, which can promote the absorption of iron and other minerals. If you feel sour food tastes bad, you can make them into fruit soup, add a small amount of rock sugar, and put them in the refrigerator for freezing, the taste will be greatly improved.

longevity regimen of traditional Chinese medicine

1, diet has a section, with the main element:

old Chinese medicine believes that regulating diet to raise the spleen and stomach, this is the main factor of the elderly fitness. They like to eat local Cereals, more vegetables, beans, fruits, and less fish and meat. Although there are some people who prefer fish, it is also a combination of meat and vegetables, but never addicted. Their feeding experience is: one is not full, two is not salty, three is not sweet, four is not fat, five is not partial to food. There is also a good breakfast, full Chinese food, less dinner and so on. Some old Chinese medicine doctors regard Yuan Mei’s poems of Qing Dynasty as a mirror of food and nutrition; More longevity is only due to less food, not enough is really a prescription& rdquo;

2, living orderly, let it be:

old Chinese medicine mostly get up and lie with four seasons, late in spring and summer and early in the morning, in response to the growth of Yang Qi; In autumn, we should sleep early and get up early, so as to avoid the attack of the spirit of extermination; In winter, sleeping early and getting up late will not disturb the Yang Qi of the body. Their sleep is & lt; First sleep in the heart, then sleep in the eyes& ldquo; Before going to bed, get rid of distractions, adjust your breath and go to sleep;. It is such as washing feet before going to bed, not speaking before going to bed, not eating before going to bed, etc., which are all beneficial methods of sleeping. In terms of clothing, comfortable fit, not tight, in order to facilitate blood circulation. Spring clothes take off slowly, autumn clothes freeze slowly (as the saying goes & lt; Spring covers autumn. They like & lt; Walking safely & quot;, Most of the old Chinese medicine doctors still insist on walking to work in their old age, not only walking, but also relaxing.

3, exercise, persevere:

most old Chinese medicine doctors attach importance to physical exercise in their youth, such as practicing Taijiquan, Baduanjin, Wuqinxi, Yijinjing, or self-made aerobics. It is also easy to knock teeth, swallow body fluid, rub feet, knead abdomen, close ears, shake hands and press health acupoints. Some like to be quiet or not; Move;, But this & lt; Quiet & quot; It is not absolute inactivity, but self-regulation instead of body movement, that is, focus on internal skills& ldquo; If you want to be healthy, practice everyday;. No matter what kind of exercise method, persistence is the key to maintain the body’s effective metabolism.

4, sexual abstinence:

for sexual health, the old Chinese medicine believes that young people should not indulge in sex, and old age should not be absolutely prohibited. It is difficult to have a definite number of sexual rhythms after middle age. An old Chinese medicine doctor put forward the idea of “to be a doctor”; Nine nine adjustment method;, After 45 years old, according to the number of head 4 plus 1, namely 5 & times; 5 = 25, once every 25 days; After 55 years old, according to the number of head 5 plus 1, namely 6 & times; 6 = 36, once every 36 days; After 65 years old, press 7 & times; 7 = 49, i.e. once every 49 days. This method is easy to remember and is basically in line with the principle of sexual abstinence for middle-aged and elderly people.

5, apathy, tolerance:

old Chinese medicine can often solve their own worries, eliminate the interference of adverse factors on health. When something goes wrong, you can deal with it calmly, not impatiently, or get back the way to avoid the environment and change your mind; Or pour out to others to comfort themselves; Or cold treatment, do not go to extremes. These old Chinese medicine doctors in & lt; Cultural Revolution; During this period, most of them were persecuted, and they firmly believed that & lt; After a long time, it will clear up& ldquo; Good will conquer evil;, Never give in to difficulties. When it comes to personal welfare, we never quarrel with others. Instead, we should give way first and take patience as happiness.

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