Although vinegar is good, there are also taboos

Although vinegar is good, it also has taboos. In recent years, vinegar health care has become more and more popular. Some businesses take the opportunity to publicize the benefits of vinegar, and even boast that vinegar has become a health treatment; Elixir;, At the same time, more and more people are joining the & lt; Vinegar & quot; The ranks of the Chinese. Indeed, regular vinegar has many advantages in increasing the taste of food, increasing people’s appetite, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of some bacteria, promoting metabolism, and balancing the pH value of blood. In a certain sense, vinegar is indeed beneficial to health. However, vinegar does not have a health care effect on all people. In our daily life, we can not ignore some side effects of vinegar. If vinegar is not used properly, it will not only fail in health care, but also cause harm to our health.

patients with vinegar allergy and hypotension should avoid vinegar.

some people are allergic to vinegar. Vinegar can cause skin rash, pruritus, edema, asthma and other symptoms, which may induce serious diseases. For patients with hypotension, vinegar will lead to further reduction of blood pressure, resulting in headache and other adverse reactions.

people should be cautious about vinegar during taking medicine.

vinegar can change the pH value of the local environment in the human body, so that some drugs lose their efficacy. In serious cases, it may even produce some toxic substances, which are harmful to human health.

patients with digestive system diseases should be treated differently.

for patients with atrophic gastritis, gastric cancer and other gastric acid deficiency, appropriate vinegar has certain benefits to the human body, but the method of consumption must be correct, the acidity of vinegar must be reduced, a small amount of interval consumption. And for patients with gastric ulcer and too much acid, being jealous is a wrong choice. For patients with gastric ulcer, vinegar not only damages gastrointestinal mucosa and aggravates the disease, but also has rich organic acids, which can make digestive organs secrete a lot of digestive juice, thus increasing the digestive function of gastric acid and aggravating the ulcer. At the same time, for patients with too much gastric acid, being jealous is no different from & lt; Add fuel to the fire;, Increase the acidity in the stomach, make people feel more uncomfortable, the harm to the stomach is also greater.

the elderly should also avoid vinegar during fracture treatment and rehabilitation.

because vinegar can soften bones and decalcify, destroy the dynamic balance of calcium in the human body, it may promote and aggravate osteoporosis, resulting in soreness of injured limbs and aggravation of pain, which leads to difficult fracture healing.

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