Although yogurt is good, there are also taboos. Yogurt should not be taken with some drugs.

yogurt in people’s daily life

I. to identify the variety of yogurt

at present, yogurt cups are made into a variety of loose milk drinks in the yogurt Market. Such as milk or milk powder, sugar, lactic acid or citric acid, malic acid, spices and preservatives; Lactic acid drinks;, It does not have the health function of yogurt, so it should be carefully identified when purchasing.

2. Drink

yogurt about 2 hours after a meal to promote digestion and absorption of human body. It is best to drink yogurt 2 hours after a meal. The pH value suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria is more than 5.4, and the pH value of fasting gastric juice is less than 2. For example, if you drink yogurt, dietotherapy is less than a, This is the dominant role played by some of the lactic acid bacteria.

IV. should not be taken with some drugs.

it should be noted that yogurt should not be taken with drugs at the same time. Antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin, sulfonamides and astringents such as hypocarboxylic acid and tannic acid protein can kill or destroy lactic acid bacteria in yogurt.

5、 Do not feed the baby

sour and sweet yogurt. Many parents will feed the baby as a supplementary food. Yogurt contains less calcium. Infants are growing and need a lot of calcium. Lactic acid bacteria produce antibiotics in yogurt. Although it can inhibit and eliminate many pathogenic microorganisms, it also destroys the growth conditions of beneficial bacteria for human body and affects normal digestive function, especially for infants prone to gastroenteritis and premature infants. 6. Yoghurt should not be drunk on an empty stomach, because drinking yoghurt on an empty stomach can increase the concentration of gastric acid, kill the living lactic acid bacteria easily, and reduce the health care effect. Therefore, when drinking yogurt in the morning, it is best to drink a cup of boiled water first.

7、 The higher the temperature, the greater the loss of nutrition and lactic acid bacteria.

eight, eat yogurt absolutely can’t match sausage bacon and other high fat and processed meat

, because processed meat added nitrate, that is, nitrite, and yogurt amine form nitrosamine, is carcinogen, so try not to eat yogurt and roast together.

yogurt as a common drink in people’s life, often drinking is very beneficial to people’s health, need to be prompted that yogurt also has certain taboos, such as yogurt do not feed infants, yogurt can not be taken with some drugs, yogurt is best to drink about 2 hours after meals, and so on. The above taboos of yogurt, you must firmly remember Oh.

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