Always eating leftovers, be careful to grow fat. Everyday Tips for skillfully handling leftovers:


hazards of leftovers:

causes obesity;

if you always eat leftovers, it may cause obesity, because leftovers don’t appear occasionally, it can be said that there will be new leftovers every day, If leftovers are left in order to save, it is easy to eat too much and lead to obesity. Obesity is not only ugly, but also leads to a variety of diseases, such as obesity, three high, the consequences are very serious.


leftovers stored for a long time, and after repeated heating, resulting in the basic loss of nutrients inside. Whether it’s vitamins or minerals, it will decrease rapidly after a few hours. If you eat leftovers for a long time, the intake of nutrition is obviously not enough, which may cause malnutrition and other diseases, leading to very poor physique.

food poisoning

leftovers, if left for a long time, will breed a lot of bacteria. After eating, people with poor resistance may have diarrhea, abdominal pain and even food poisoning. Especially in the hot summer, the speed of bacteria breeding is very fast. After a few hours, the food can’t be eaten, and it’s useless to put it in the refrigerator.

refrigerator has the function of keeping fresh, but it is not easy to put it in it. It must be well sealed and well heated when eating. These are basic. If you can’t bear to eat the leftovers within a few hours, you’d better pour them out as soon as possible!

increase the chance of cancer

as mentioned above, there are many pathogenic bacteria in leftovers, in fact, there are many carcinogens, because the food is put in the refrigerator for a long time, the content of nitrite will gradually increase, it is a strong carcinogen, so often eating leftovers will increase the risk of cancer.

How to eat healthily

many people don’t like the taste of raw onion. But in fact, onion contains a lot of flavonoids to protect the heart. It can soften blood vessels and fight cancer. It’s better to eat it raw.

suggest that patients with hypertension can eat half a raw onion every morning, choose red skin, cut into silk, add vinegar and a little sugar to cool, it is very good for curing blood vessels, and is also effective for diabetic patients.

Four tips for leftovers

Tips 1 prefer meat dishes to vegetables

meat dishes in the refrigerator can be preserved for 1-2 days as long as they are thoroughly heated before eating, although some B vitamins will be lost, However, the protein can be completely retained without producing harmful substances. However, vegetables are easy to produce nitrite during storage, and the antioxidant components, vitamin C and folic acid are seriously lost after storage and repeated heating. Moreover, meat dishes still taste good when reheated, and vegetables almost lose their delicious value after reheating. Therefore, in one meal, we should call on everyone to concentrate on eating vegetables as much as possible, while meat dishes can be reserved for the next meal.

among meat dishes, aquatic products should be eaten first, because the protein of aquatic products is particularly easy to be decomposed by microorganisms, and aquatic products are more likely to breed harmful microorganisms.

tips 2 classified storage and preservation is appropriate

due to the large number and variety of Spring Festival leftovers, it is often unable to effectively use the space of the refrigerator to store leftovers with plates. It is suggested to prepare some square and rectangular fresh-keeping boxes with smaller volume in advance, put the leftovers into the fresh-keeping boxes by classification, and then arrange them neatly in the refrigerator.

the storage location of leftovers is also very important. The most perishable foods, such as bean products and seafood, should be placed in the lower part of the freezer or in the fresh-keeping drawer, because the temperature here is lower; Low moisture content of fried fish, fried balls and the like, can be placed slightly outside the part; The rest of the juice and the like can be placed in the refrigerator door, because the juice is sour, bacteria are not easy to rapid propagation.

tips 3 to bring creativity into play and renovate the old

to celebrate the new year. It’s not very good psychologically to eat leftovers, but if you turn leftovers into new dishes, it’s very different. In fact, for many meat dishes, it’s not difficult to turn leftovers into new ones.

for example, the remaining braised spareribs can be added with curry powder, plus some onions, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, etc. to make curry onion fried spareribs, which will certainly be very popular; The rest of the fried diced meat, fried meat and so on is the same, first part of the vegetables to eat, and then part of the meat with the new fried vegetables.

if the remaining is a large piece of meat with bone, you can consider boiling it into soup, with some kelp, mushrooms, radish, vegetables, etc; If it’s a large piece of meat without bones, you can consider breaking it up, such as tearing the chicken into shredded chicken, slicing the sauced meat into shredded meat, and then mixing it with cold vegetables, or using it as the raw material for pies and spring rolls.

if you left the stewed prawns in oil, just remove the oil and stir fry some ketchup to transform them into tomato prawns, which is another flavor; Squid, shrimp and other river fresh and seafood can be used to make soup or noodle ingredients.

turning leftovers into new vegetables is actually adding fresh vegetables instead of meat dishes, which is conducive to nutrition balance.

if there is rice left, it will be easier. With black sesame, red dates, oats, lotus seeds and so on, the porridge will taste good and healthy.

During the Spring Festival, new dishes may be turned into leftovers at every meal, while old dishes may still be left after renovation. Therefore, if we do not control the total amount of dishes in a meal, leftovers are always inevitable and will gradually accumulate. Therefore, we should try our best to control the number of dishes in each meal. On the premise of not having a large number of leftovers, we should launch new vegetables in each meal and renovate old dishes in a planned way.

when there are many leftovers, it is impossible to renovate all of them in one meal. Therefore, two kinds of renovated dishes can be served at each meal in the order of aquatic products first, meat first, light dishes first, and strong dishes second, and these renovated dishes are no longer left. It’s the same way to eliminate leftover dumplings. If there are too many leftovers, we should never heat them all. Instead, according to the amount of food eaten by our family, we should take some of them, roast or fry them, and finish the whole meal; The rest are kept deep in the fridge and kept at a low temperature for another day to avoid reheating the food.

although the above four tips will help to store and handle spring festival leftovers, after all, leftovers are not as good as new dishes. If we can arrange the amount of food reasonably during the festival, we won’t let ourselves fall into the trouble of leftovers filling the refrigerator.

I would also like to remind you that you must not force yourself to eat too much because you are afraid of wasting leftovers, because once these excess foods enter our bodies, they will bring us a lot of garbage and heavy burden, not to mention pancreatitis, bacterial food poisoning, gastrointestinal diseases and so on. It is not worth the loss to raise blood sugar, blood lipid and blood pressure, It’s a great pity even if it’s only fat accumulated on the body. In addition, if the leftovers have been heated repeatedly for two days, it is recommended to discard them. After all, health is the first.

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