Amber is what

amber is what, this is also a lot of people do not know much about this, life perfume is very common, perfume has many kinds, and perfume to improve the smell of women, are very helpful, so the choice of perfume, can also be based on their favorite, so that when the smell. It will also love it very much. It is an important raw material for making dragon perfume. The

pair of amber is what it is, it is the obvious raw material in perfume, its price is expensive, and the perfume produced is unique, and it is also very attractive on the fragrance. So, there are many steps to make such raw materials, and what is the

amber saliva fragrance:

amarus, the most precious raw material of perfume. It is extracted from sperm whale feces. In fact, this “most fragrant feces” is the special feces of sperm whale after swallowing big cuttlefish. The fishermen in Kotla, Saudi Arabia, were the first to know the secret of this cause. They also became guests of the European Court relying on ambergris. Now, the international market of natural Amoy is controlled by France, a large perfume country. The purchase price of each kilogram is between 10 thousand to 45 thousand francs. It can also be used for medicinal purposes. It is used for cough, dyspnea, pneumoconia, abdominal pain and gonorrhea.

usage and dosage: oral administration: Yanmo, 0.3-0.6g.

through the introduction above, there is also some understanding of what amarus is, and this is also through. Sperm whales eat after the big cuttlefish, and then produce a special excrement. This kind of stuff is then produced into the dragon’s fragrance, which makes it processed into perfume. This kind of perfume has no harm to human health, and it also reduces the choice of each use.

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