Ancient people eat these foods to keep healthy!

ancient people eat these foods to keep healthy!

1, garlic anti-inflammatory and bactericidal.

in the age of no antibiotics, garlic played an important role in saving lives. In the past, salt and garlic were necessary for marching. Salt was used to supplement minerals, while garlic was used to kill bacteria and prevent diseases. Recently, garlic has also been found to reduce cholesterol. But raw garlic spicy strong, so gastritis, sore throat, hemorrhoids, red eyes, long acne people, should not eat raw garlic.

how to eat the healthiest: avoid eating garlic on an empty stomach. You can use boiled, fried or pickled vegetables to reduce its pungent stimulation. Or with dumplings, pasta to eat, not easy to hurt the stomach.

2, pine nuts clear intestines and moisten skin.

pearl like pine nuts are widely used in traditional imperial meals, and have always been regarded as nourishing and strengthening effects. Rich in oil, pine nuts can not only help defecate, but also moisten the skin. At the same time, pine nut is a source of high-quality oil, containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can alleviate the inflammatory reaction.

how to eat the healthiest: pine nuts have higher calories, usually sprinkled on the food, a handful at a time.


in the process of cooking, porridge has released and dissolved the effective ingredients in the food in the soup, so it is easy to be digested and absorbed, suitable for people with poor appetite and weak body. The therapeutic effect of congee is ever-changing. Congee with Scallion white has bactericidal effect. Congee with celery can smooth defecation and defecation. Sprinkling scallion in hot congee can prevent colds. In addition, porridge can also help drugs to achieve better efficacy, such as almonds, Poria cocos and other traditional Chinese medicine, must be eaten together with porridge, in order to make the efficacy continue and achieve better results.

how to eat the most healthy: hot porridge best, with broth, vegetable soup or vegetables cooked salty porridge better, can let the nutrient essence of food once absorbed.


all things wither in winter, but Chinese cabbage is still as green as pine, which is widely welcomed by people. In traditional Chinese medicine, cabbage can relieve fever, cough and phlegm. Modern science has found that Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value, many kinds and can be eaten all year round. It is the most popular anti-cancer star. Winter is a good season to eat cabbage. Cabbage is rich in fiber and vitamin C, which can make up for the lack of winter fruits and vegetables intake. But people with weak cold constitution are not suitable for eating a lot of raw and cold cabbages, such as pickles.

how to eat the healthiest: when eating hot pot, don’t forget to add as much cabbage as possible to eliminate the hot and dry air.

5, buckwheat to help sleep.

buckwheat contains strong antioxidants, which can reduce blood lipid, enhance vascular elasticity and prevent blood coagulation. It is a good heart protecting food. In addition, its blood pressure and sleep effect is also very good. Buckwheat is also a good scavenger for large intestine. The fiber content of buckwheat is six times that of ordinary white rice, so it has & lt; Jingchang grass & quot; It’s called “the best of the best”.

how to eat the healthiest: you can make buckwheat noodles cold and soup. You can also steam buckwheat with rice or make porridge.

6, kelp help defecate not fat.

kelp with low calorie and full of gum and minerals is a beauty and health food suitable for modern people. Kelp is rich in soluble fiber, which is easier to digest and absorb than ordinary fiber, helping smooth defecation. The biggest advantage is that kelp has low heat, so as a snack, you don’t have to worry about getting fat. It’s very suitable for women who love beauty.

how to eat the healthiest: kelp and vinegar are the best match, vinegar can make kelp soften, you can try to use vinegar cold kelp. Kelp soup with ice can highlight the sour taste of vinegar and make the taste more refreshing.

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