Answer four common questions about eating apples

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The apple is nutritious, but there are still many questions about the selection of varieties and eating methods.

question 1: which apple is the most nutritious?

from Fuji and marshal Huang to Apple; Although the appearance of these apples is very different, only the contents of sugar and organic acid are different, and the nutrition is almost the same& rdquo; Experts say that in terms of taste and taste, golden delicious soft, Fuji hard, green apple acid and Guoguang sweet can be chosen according to your preference.

question 2: do you want to peel apples?

“ This has always been a divisive issue& rdquo; Experts say: & lt; Apple skin is rich in nutrients, but people worry about pesticide residues. As a matter of fact, the apples that are normally planted at present are basically in line with the pollution-free standards, and are widely used in Apple & lsquo; As a child & quot; Already & lsquo; Bagging & quot;, Basic contact with pesticides, can be washed with water to eat directly. Generally speaking, the fruit shape is neat, the fruit surface is smooth, the color is lighter, the difference between different fruits is small, often bagging production& rdquo; Experts warn that cheap apples purchased from mobile vendors or ground fruits mixed with inferior Apple products are more likely to be contaminated by pesticides, so it is safer to peel and eat them again.

question 3: can fruit jam replace apples?

experts say that in the processing of Apple products, juice has the least nutritional loss. Jam due to the need to heat, may lose some water-soluble vitamins, and will add more sugar. There are two kinds of dried fruits, freeze-dried fruits have better nutrition preservation, fried fruits have more nutrition loss and higher heat. Other Apple products also include cider, which is not high in degree but mellow in taste, and can be drunk by the elderly; Apple vinegar has weight loss effect, but try not to drink it on an empty stomach.

question 4: how many apples do you eat every day?

it is recommended to eat 200 a day; 400 grams of fruit, basically a big Fuji apple can meet& ldquo; But there is no need to abide by & lsquo; An apple a day;, Every week 3 & mdash; 4 can be, you can eat some other seasonal fruit& rdquo; In addition, due to the hard texture of apples, it’s best to chew them carefully and swallow them slowly to avoid swallowing them so as not to damage the intestines and stomach. The best time to eat apples is between meals. Experts say that apple as an extra meal can provide water and nutrition for the body and brain. It can also bring a sense of fullness and reduce the amount of meal.

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