Anxious can’t eat hot tofu

as the saying goes, “anxious can’t eat hot tofu”, everyone must have heard of it. So why can’t you eat hot tofu? First of all, tofu looks white and tender, which gives people a kind of warmth. It feels cool and can’t help taking a bite immediately. But in fact, tofu is the hottest of all cooked foods. On the other hand, if a person is too anxious, nothing can be done. So when you eat tofu, you should pay more attention.

is just like this. If you are too anxious, not only you can’t eat hot tofu, but also you can’t do anything well. If you are too anxious, you will easily get angry and suffer from all kinds of diseases. In this way, we should keep in good health in our daily life, and have a calm character. So how to practice this Kung Fu?

1. Live in the present

. Don’t always think about tomorrow’s things, and don’t always worry about what happened yesterday. Focus on what you want to do today.

2. Living here is nothing to help. So remember, you live here now, not far away.

3. Stop guessing. In the face of reality, many psychological obstacles are often caused by “taking things for granted” without actual basis. Stop thinking and feel more. Don’t neglect or lose the mind to enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the music just because you think too much. The terrible consequence is that people will become a machine that loses emotion. 5. Accept unpleasant emotions

. Happiness and unhappiness are relative. Therefore, we should not only accept pleasant emotions, but also be prepared to accept unpleasant emotions. 6. Don’t judge at will.

the correct way to deal with other people’s attitude and interpersonal relationship should be: don’t judge people first, first say what you think. In this way, we can avoid unnecessary troubles and depression. In modern society, there are many authorities and idols in disguise. They will imprison your mind and bind your hands and feet, thus depriving you of the ability to act independently. 8. I am myself. I should start from my own starting point and give full play to my potential. Don’t complain. Start with me and now. 9. Be responsible for yourself

the important principle of doing this well is to have the courage to take responsibility. In other words, put yourself in the right position to fulfill your rights and obligations.

above is the necessary magic weapon for self-cultivation. If you study hard and fulfill it conscientiously, your life will no longer be depressed because of impatience, will not accomplish nothing because of impatience, and will not be disturbed by diseases because of getting angry. Life will become more happy and positive because it is leisurely and orderly.

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