Arctium lappa tea can eliminate toxins in human body. Often boil at night to drink Arctium lappa tea to replenish qi and strengthen body

traditional Chinese medicine believes that Arctium lappa has the effects of dispersing wind and heat, dispersing lung and rash, detoxifying and diuretic. It can be used for cold due to wind heat, cough and phlegm, measles and rubella, sore throat, etc《 It is detailed in the compendium of Materia Medica; Arctium lappa has twelve meridians, five viscera evil Qi, long service, light body and long-term endurance& rdquo; It shows that burdock has a good effect on maintaining five zang organs, unblocking meridians and anti-aging. Burdock tea can eliminate human toxins, and has the effect of Tonifying Qi. Anyone who stays up late is suitable to make a cup of burdock tea to tonify Qi and strengthen the body. Now follow to understand it!

The method of making burdock tea:

buy fresh burdock, wash and wipe dry the water, then cut the skin into silk or thin slices, dry it in a pot with fine fire until it is completely dry, and put it into a sealed container. Each time when making tea, take 10g and simmer in 500cc hot water for 5 minutes, then you can drink it. It can be flushed back to tasteless. The remaining burdock residue should not be discarded, because its rich crude fiber is very beneficial to purify the intestines, and can be used as a salad.

burdock has excellent nutrition and health care value; Oriental Ginseng & quot; It’s a great reputation. It is rich in dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, carotene and other elements, but also contains 17 kinds of amino acids, rich nutrition, many effects!

Long term drinking burdock tea harmless, but burdock cold, crude fiber too much, so some people eat to pay attention to:

1, liver function serious decline of patients are not suitable for fiber too rough diet.

2, the intake of potassium and Lin Ruo in burdock can increase the burden of kidneys: Patients with diabetic nephropathy and kidney diseases should not treat burdock tea as a daily

4 or dermatosis: those with contact dermatitis or eczema usually should not be eaten.

5, female: pregnant women, puerpera, menstrual women, should not eat a lot. Dysmenorrhea should not be eaten.

6. People with weak and cold constitution can not eat a lot.

7, diarrhea is not suitable for people to eat.

Efficacy of burdock:

1, inhibit hypertension: the root of burdock is rich in cellulose, which can reduce the sodium content in the blood and achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure.

2, hypoglycemic: rich water-soluble fiber can help the body absorb excess sugar.

3 Skin care and weight loss: in addition to anti-oxidation and eliminating black spots, burdock contains crude fiber that can promote the peristalsis of large intestine, help defecate, reduce cholesterol in the body, and reduce the accumulation of toxins and wastes in the body. Prevention of diseases: Burdock can strengthen the body’s immune system and help us stay away from diseases.

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