Are cockroaches still killing with cockroach medicine? Simple and easy to learn tips for killing cockroaches at home

cockroaches are very common in ordinary families, like to hibernate in the kitchen, commonly known as & lt; Oil thief;, This kind of insect is not only easy to breed, but also harmful to people’s health. Many people are also afraid of cockroaches. Because of this, the elimination of cockroaches has become the top priority of the family. The best way to kill cockroaches at home is to use some common materials. Let’s see how to operate with 36 common sense.

The harm of cockroaches

(1) what is the main harm of cockroaches to people?

cockroaches are second only to houseflies, and sometimes more annoying. It not only spreads diseases, but also causes allergic reactions, such as allergic asthma and dermatitis. It crawls on food, gnaws on clothes, paints and calligraphy, and it appears everywhere.

(2) can cockroaches transmit diseases? The whole body of cockroaches carries bacteria. The food contaminated by cockroaches can cause serious gastroenteritis, food poisoning or dysentery.

it is the carrier of infectious bacteria and virus. Because it feeds and crawls everywhere, it has a wide range of invasion and miscellaneous food. It can not only move in garbage, toilet, toilet, but also feed on food. If it eats food contaminated by cockroaches, it may infect diseases. Therefore, the harm of cockroaches to spread diseases can not be ignored.

(3) What diseases can cockroaches transmit?

cockroaches have been proved to carry about 40-50 kinds of pathogenic bacteria to animal vertebrates, such as Shigella, Escherichia coli, Yersinia pestis, etc., which can cause food poisoning, and transmit infectious diseases such as hepatitis, poliomyelitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and so on.

it is also the intermediate host of many kinds of parasites. It can carry many kinds of worm eggs, such as Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm of duodenum, Taenia saginata, burning worm, whipworm, etc. it also carries many kinds of protozoa, among which four kinds are pathogenic to human or animals, such as amoeba dysentery, etc.

(4) how do cockroaches cause allergic reactions?

as cockroaches will produce odor secretions when feeding, which will damage the food taste, people with weak or sensitive constitution will have various allergic reactions if they come into contact with cockroach contaminated food, cockroach feces, secretions and dirty air.

How to kill cockroaches at home, If the indoor environment can be kept clean and tidy, cockroaches will not come to the door. In particular, the kitchen sanitation needs to be cleaned regularly, and the food should not be exposed to the outside, so as to effectively avoid the occurrence of indoor cockroaches.

washing powder can kill cockroaches

washing powder has high surface tension. There must be many small holes in the abdomen of cockroaches. However, these small holes are really the main tools for cockroaches to breathe air. When we spray cockroaches with washing powder mixed with water, washing powder water will quickly enter their breathing holes, causing cockroaches to block their stomata, Make the cockroach unable to breathe, and the composition of the washing powder is acid-base, its chemical properties constantly react in the cockroach’s body, it will instantly make the cockroach suffocate and die, and it will kill the cockroach, and the cockroach will have a four legged phenomenon.

Orange peel anti cockroach

when it comes to anti cockroach methods, many people will think of orange peel. Orange peel has a strong smell and is quite special. If you dry the orange peel in the air, put it in the cabinet, It can prevent cockroaches.

use professional insecticide

use insecticide to kill cockroaches is an instant method, first choose a neutral time, such as before going to work, close all the doors and windows of the home, spray a large area of insecticide, do not let go of any subtle corner of the home, and then go to work, wait for you to go home from work, You should be able to see a lot of dead cockroaches on the ground.

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