Are grapes on fire?

grapes are all in clusters, purple, green, crystal clear. When you see grapes, it will arouse your appetite. The natural ripening season of grapes is after the beginning of autumn every year. Now with the development of science and technology, you can eat grapes all year round, but the natural ripening grapes are the best and the most economical. Every time after the beginning of autumn, everyone will buy a lot of grapes to go home, how also eat enough.

grape has been planted in our country for thousands of years. Now our grape planting technology has entered the world’s advanced ranks. There are more than 200 varieties of grapes in our country. When you eat grapes, you can choose according to your own taste. Eating grapes is a great pleasure. If you eat too many grapes, will you get angry?

to find out if you eat too many grapes, you have to see how classics are recognized《 According to compendium of Materia Medica, grape is sweet and sour, and it is flat and nontoxic. It enters the lung, spleen and kidney meridians. So you don’t get angry eating grapes. However, according to the records of yilinzuanyao, it is appropriate to eat more to produce internal heat. There are many advantages of grapes. Eating grapes can replenish qi and blood, strengthen muscles and bones, benefit liver and Yin, facilitate urination, relax tendons and activate blood circulation, warm stomach and spleen, eliminate vexation and quench thirst. Grape can also treat Qi and blood weakness, lung deficiency cough, palpitations, night sweats, rheumatic arthralgia, muscle and bone wet pain, gonorrhea, edema. Eat grape kidney nourishing liquid, strengthen muscles and bones, quench thirst and stabilize fetus. Grape juice has curative effect on cough and low back pain. Especially after overtime mental fatigue, blood deficiency, heartbeat, eat grapes is particularly good.

so since eating grapes is neither hot nor cold, can anyone eat them? According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, grapes should be eaten when taking ginseng. Patients with diabetes and constipation need to eat less grapes. Grapes should not be eaten with seafood, fish, radish or tetracycline. And just after eating can not immediately drink water, it is easy to cause diarrhea.

grape has high nutritional value. Grape juice is called plant milk. The sugar content of grape is about 10% – 25%, and the highest is about 30%. The sugar in grapes is disaccharide. It is easy to be absorbed and used by human body. But it will not cause diabetes. Grapes can also prevent cancer. Grapes can also be brew. Wine has a good effect of softening blood vessels.

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