Are the “dirty things” on eggs hygienic?

The & lt; on the egg; Dirty things & quot; Is it hygienic?

& lt; Dirty things & quot; Is it hygienic?

when I went to the supermarket and vegetable market to buy eggs in bulk, I found that many egg shells carried some dirty things such as chicken manure, fluff and blood. Some people thought that this proved that the eggs were firewood eggs and fresh. But if I bought such dirty eggs and put them directly into the refrigerator at home, would the dirty things on them pollute other foods, What about the spread of germs?

; Dirty eggs & quot; Is it proof that eggs are fresher?

we often say this & lt; Dirty eggs & quot; Fresh, generally refers to it is by the real farmyard scattered chicken eggs. Fresh eggs can’t pass through the shell; Dirty & quot; No.

; Dirty eggs & quot; Is it a physical threat?

on the surface of dirty eggs, there are not only chicken manure, feather, blood, etc. which can be seen by naked eyes, but also viruses and microorganisms which can not be seen by naked eyes, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, etc. which are the main substances producing dysentery and diarrhea.

how to choose fresh eggs? There is a protective film on the surface of fresh eggs& mdash; It is similar to white frost, and the pores on the surface of eggs are obvious, which are similar to the pores of human skin. It plays the role of air permeability, dust prevention and preventing microorganisms from entering the eggshell.

2. Shake it gently with your hand, the one without sound is fresh, and the one with water sound is old egg.

3. Put the eggs in cold water, the sinking ones are fresh, and the floating ones are old ones, but the eggs are not easy to keep when they meet with water, so they should be eaten as soon as possible.

if you buy one like this & lt; Dirty eggs & quot; How should we keep it?

generally, after we buy eggs, we put them in the cold room of the refrigerator, but there is no subdivision in the cold room. If we put them directly, the bacteria on the shell of the eggs will easily infect other foods in the cold room, so it is suggested that we put the eggs in the fresh-keeping bag and then put them in the cold room. On the other hand, it’s safer to wash the egg shell before eating.

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