Are there any cream strawberries?

Are there any cream strawberries?

is there any Cream Strawberry?

recently, Jiangsu media tested a variety of strawberries on the market, and invited relevant experts from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences to make relevant interpretation. This is a wonderful interpretation, experts say; Cream Strawberry & quot; It’s made up by businesses. The uneven color of strawberries is not dyeing. Hormones can’t make strawberries bigger and sweeter. Come and have a look!

Cream Strawberry? No such variety!

when asked about strawberry varieties, more than 90% of the answers were & lt; Cream strawberries;. So it’s true; Cream Strawberry & quot; Do you like this variety? Experts say that the so-called & lt; Cream Strawberry & quot; It’s made up by businesses. It’s just nice to hear. In fact, most of the strawberries on the market are & lt; Beauty & quot& ldquo;& lsquo; Beauty & quot; Also known as & lsquo; Red cheek & quot;, It has light fragrance, high sugar content and is very popular& rdquo; Hormone

can not make strawberry bigger and sweet

. Although strawberry varieties are the same, they are greatly affected by the origin, planting conditions, water, fertilizer and light, especially the different planting methods. Today’s consumers are easily misled by false information. In fact, after we have learned about strawberries, there are many rumors that can not be overcome.

shape strange hit hormone?

first of all, we need to understand the concept that strawberries are cymes. That is to say, 5-15 flowers will grow on the first order flowers. If the water and fertilizer are sufficient, the first order flowers are easy to develop into flat shape. Some of them are like chicken crowns and big. This is a normal phenomenon. The public need not worry. As for the cost of bulking agent and hormone on strawberry is higher, generally no grower will adopt this method.

uneven color is dyed?

strawberry color is dark, generally speaking, the maturity is higher, but different varieties of strawberry will present different colors. In the actual planting process, the strawberry will be red on the side receiving the light, while the strawberry on the shady side will be light, not because of the use of any material or dyeing.

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