Automatic bread machine recipe

bread is a kind of food made from wheat or grain flour. In our daily life, we often eat sweet and delicious bread in the bakery. Many people want to make their own bread at home. How can we make bread at home, Now let’s briefly introduce the recipe of automatic bread maker, which is also very simple. It can be made at home. Bread has very good effect on human body, and contains vitamins and nutrients needed by human body. The recipe of

automatic bread maker is also very simple, and the raw materials it needs are also very simple, which is the same as when making bread. It is mainly rich in nutrients, vitamins, protein and fat, with low fat content. People who lose weight can continue to eat in their daily life.

three slice Danish bread three slice Danish bread (750g) ingredients: high gluten flour 1 / 4 cup (280g), low gluten flour 1 / 2 cup (70g), warm water 1 cup (235g), salt 3 / 4 spoon (3G), sugar 1 / 2 spoon (20g), skimmed milk powder 1 / 4 spoon (12.7g), oil 1 / 2 spoon (17.5g), cream 2 spoon (30g), yeast 3 / 4 spoon (2.1g) egg 1 method: 1, Select burning color (select according to preference), press start key 2. Start automatic mixing, fermentation and baking 3. After mixing and basic fermentation for 15-20 minutes, open the upper cover and take out the dough 4. Roll out a 40 cm long and 30 cm wide pastry belt, remove the two sides of the belt, trim them, and then cut them into 3 pieces (don’t cut off the upper end), and cross them into braids 5. Fold both ends of the braid to the bottom, The length is basically the same as the baking mould. 6. Put the pattern upward into the mould, cover the lid and continue to ferment. 7. After fermentation, open the lid and brush the egg juice evenly on the surface. 8. Finally, cover the lid, Wait for the end of baking

whole wheat toast with cover (750g) ingredients: high gluten flour 1 / 2 cup (231g) whole wheat flour 1 cup (154g) warm water 1 cup (235g) salt 3 / 4 teaspoon (3G) sugar 1 / 2 teaspoon (20g) skimmed milk 1 / 4 teaspoon (12.7g) Cream 2 teaspoon (30g) yeast 3 / 4 teaspoon (2.1g) method: 1, Then choose the color (according to different preferences) 2. Press the start button to start automatic stirring, fermentation and baking 3. After about 3.5 hours, the toaster “diddidi” prompts the end of baking 4. Finally, slicing, delicious whole wheat toast with cover is ready. Please share it with your friends and relatives. Above

is how the automatic toaster makes bread, In our daily life, we must be making bread. We should pay attention to the operation mode of the automatic bread machine. In our daily life, the process of baking is very good. It is a kind of machine that is more convenient to make bread. Bread is rich in protein and trace elements, which is conducive to health and rich in dietary fiber. Therefore, we can eat more in our daily life.

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