Avoiding taboos after meals is getting healthier and healthier. Don’t rush to protect your health after meals

the old people often say that half an hour after a meal is

. Avoid these six taboos after a meal

1. Eat fruits immediately after a meal

many people like to eat fruits after a meal, Sometimes fruit is also used as a dessert, mistaking that it can relieve the greasiness of dinner. But the fact is that after dinner, the human intestine is in the process of digestion. Eating fruit immediately after dinner will affect the normal digestion of food. The best plan is to eat fruit one hour after dinner.

2, take a bath after dinner

from the common sense, we all know that when the body has a sense of hunger can not take a bath, because it will cause hypoxia and transient anemia. But is it OK to take a bath just after dinner? As a matter of fact, it can’t be! Because the blood circulation and energy in the body after meals are concentrated in gastrointestinal digestion, which is easy to cause brain hypoxia.

3, drink strong tea after dinner

, the dinner is too greasy, drink a cup of strong tea to solve the oil! If you really do this, you are too irresponsible for your health in several years! Not to mention drinking strong tea, drinking water after meals will do harm to the body, let alone strong tea.

4, strenuous exercise after meals

, folk have & lt; If you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live ninety-nine years; It means that proper exercise after meals can help digestion and is good for human health. But if the meal immediately violent activities, such as playing ball, running, engaged in heavy physical labor, etc., will affect the digestion and absorption of food, adverse to health. Because the limbs muscles need more blood supply during strenuous exercise or labor, the blood supply of gastrointestinal tract will be relatively reduced.

5, go to bed immediately after meals

after meals, due to the increase of blood flow of digestive organs, the blood supply to the brain is relatively reduced, people feel tired and even sleepy. This phenomenon is more obvious after lunch. If you go to bed immediately after a meal, the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract will slow down, the secretion of digestive juice will decrease, and the food will not be fully digested. Especially children can cause digestive dysfunction, indigestion and malabsorption, and can cause malnutrition for a long time.

6, relax the belt after meals

many people feel flustered after eating too much, often relax the belt buckle, although the stomach is comfortable, but it will cause a drop in intra-abdominal pressure, forcing the stomach to droop. In the long run, you will really suffer from gastroptosis.

It’s a good habit to do these three things well after a meal! Even if you don’t take a walk, you can stand, twist your waist or something. In short, don’t just sit after dinner! By the way, gently massage the stomach, can help the gastrointestinal peristalsis.

2, drink barley tea or orange peel water

indigestion people, drink barley tea or orange peel water after meals, can increase gastric juice secretion, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, is very good for food digestion and absorption. There’s really no tea. It’s better to drink some boiled water, but don’t drink cold water, and don’t eat cold drink. It’s very harmful to the intestines and stomach!

3, drink some yogurt

after dinner, especially after eating hot pot, drink some yogurt. Hot pot soup with high temperature can effectively protect gastrointestinal mucosa and promote digestion and absorption. In addition, yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria.

After dinner, it’s often in

1 for health& mdash; Help digest

music is not only art, but also can keep healthy, prolong life, and even cure diseases. There is a saying in the ancient book Shou Shi Bao Yuan, which is called: & lt; The spleen is good at music& rdquo; Taoism has its own characteristics; The spleen grinds when it hears music; That’s what I said. In fact, these two sentences mean the same thing: music can help digestion.

soft and light music can be used as a kind of benign stimulation to regulate the digestion and absorption function of human body through the central nervous system. Therefore, it is beneficial to enjoy the soft, bright and beautiful music after eating.

2& mdash; Sun Simiao, a great medical expert of Tang Dynasty, once said: after eating Chinese food, one or two hundred steps should be taken slowly by rubbing one’s abdomen with one’s hand. After eating, you can get rid of all kinds of diseases. Massage the abdomen after eating can not only promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and intra-abdominal blood circulation, but also enhance gastrointestinal function. As a kind of benign stimulation, it can be transmitted to the brain through nerves, which is beneficial to the regulation and play of central nervous system function, and is beneficial to health and disease prevention.

specific practice: with the palm of the abdomen, with the navel as the center, slowly and gently massage clockwise and counterclockwise for 20 circles, but wait for half an hour after the meal to knead the abdomen.

Don’t rush to drink tea after meal

don’t rush to drink tea

a large amount of tannin in tea can combine with iron and zinc in food to form insoluble substances, which can’t be absorbed, resulting in the loss of iron in food. If tea is arranged one hour after a meal, there will be no such malpractice.

don’t rush to take a bath

after a meal, the blood flow on the body surface will increase, and the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract will decrease accordingly, thus weakening the digestive function of the intestines and stomach.

don’t rush to bed

as the saying goes: & quot; Lie down after a meal, not half a kilo long, four Liang long;. Going to bed immediately after a meal is easy to get fat. Doctors warn people to rest for at least 20 minutes after a meal before going to bed. Even at nap time.

don’t rush for a walk

after dinner & quot; A hundred steps;, Because of the increase of exercise, it will affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. Especially in the elderly, cardiac dysfunction, vascular sclerosis and blood pressure reflex regulation dysfunction, postprandial blood pressure drop and other phenomena.

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