Baidu webmaster tool can’t open the solution to Baidu search resource platform can’t open

Baidu webmaster tool and Baidu search resource platform( )I can’t open it for several days. I believe many people have been bothered by this problem in recent days. It’s not clear why the website can’t be accessed. However, a solution has been found today. The setting is very simple. You just need to set up the local hosts on the computer, and the baidu webmaster tool platform can be opened for access. Let’s share this method, In this way, we will not delay the use of Baidu webmaster tools, to query the website included, or bear’s paw number to submit data.

We all know Baidu webmaster tool platform website: Finally jump to Baidu search resource platform I used to have a situation where a browser couldn’t be opened, But in recent days, all the browsers are completely unable to open, go to Baidu search, related solutions. See the article, very simple settings, to share with you. According to the method below, you can open it completely, and paste the method below.

Baidu webmaster tool set method in the computer

first open the file in the computer C: windows, system32, drivers, etc. you can directly copy the file address to the file column, and then find the hosts file in the etc file, as shown in the following figure.

Baidu webmaster tool can be opened

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