Baijiu Baijiu is good or low. What kind of liquor does not harm the body

. China’s wine culture is very long, and people who love to drink are many. Especially towards the end of the year, there are many kinds of restaurants. In addition, during the Spring Festival, friends and relatives get together, must drink a lot of wine. Everyone knows that alcohol is a lot of pain. So when drinking Baijiu, is it a high alcohol or low alcohol drink? Which one does not hurt the body? Let’s talk about it in detail. Is it the same as what you think?

When young people gather together, they love to drink a little Baijiu, for example, 38-42 degrees. In this degree of Baijiu, the spiciness is relatively low, most people are more receptive, even if the drinker is low, they can drink a small cup and make a mess of it. If you use high alcohol directly, you will directly & lt; Dissuade & quot; A large group of people.

while those who are slightly older, they love to drink medium and high Baijiu, usually around 50-55 degrees. This degree of Baijiu is the best combination of ethanol and water molecules. Although the pungent flavor is slightly heavier, the flavor and taste are better. Especially when stored for a certain period of time, in this degree, the taste is the best. And low alcohol wine has no such effect.

which is high alcohol or low alcohol? In fact, it’s very simple. If there are all kinds of restaurants and wine companies, they need to use wine as a medium to set off the atmosphere, or they may need to drink more. Then choose low alcohol wine, so that everyone can drink a little, participate more widely, and unconsciously the atmosphere will rise. If you use high alcohol directly, many people can’t participate in it. If you just watch a few people drink it again, it’s easy to be cold.

If you drink by yourself, or have a little wine with three or five friends to chat, it is more suitable for medium and high alcohol. After all, this degree of wine can be regarded as drinking. It has rich aroma, taste and aftertaste. It’s very suitable for a small drink, taste slowly and taste wonderful. At this time, it seems inappropriate to drink low alcohol, so people who can drink wine like to drink medium and high alcohol.

in short, for the purpose of playing, drinking low alcohol wine can set off the atmosphere; For the purpose of drinking and tasting wine, it’s better to have a high degree of wine. As for which kind of wine doesn’t hurt the body? In fact, no matter low alcohol or high alcohol, drinking too much will hurt the body. So just drink less, don’t drink too much, and don’t encourage or drink too much. After all, health is the first. Otherwise, no matter how good the wine, the body is bad, it can not drink.

Baijiu’s shopping guide

observe packaging

when buying wine, we must carefully examine the brand name, color, pattern and label, bottle cap, wine bottle, certificate and gift box. Good Baijiu label printing is very particular. The paper is fine and white, the font is standard and clear, the color is bright and uniform, the pattern is accurate, and the ink lines do not overlap. The edge seams of authentic packaging are neat and tight, without uneven tightness and gaps. Don’t buy liquor without factory name, site and production date.

check bottle cap

. Most of China’s famous Baijiu bottle caps are covered with aluminum metal anti-theft cover. Its features are smooth, uniform shape, easy opening, and neat pattern and text, and close match. If it’s a fake product, it often drips out when it’s turned upside down. It’s not easy to break the cap, and the pattern and text are blurred.

observe the quality

if the wine is packaged in a colorless transparent glass bottle, hold the bottle in your hand, slowly turn it upside down, and observe the bottom of the bottle facing the light. If there is sinking substance or cloud like phenomenon, it indicates that there are many impurities in the wine; If the liquor does not lose light, turbidity and suspended solids, the quality of the liquor is better. From the color perspective, except for Maotai flavor liquor, the general Baijiu should be colorless and transparent.

Smell the flavor

, pour the wine into the colorless transparent glass, observe the natural light, liquor should be clear and transparent, no suspended matter and sediment. Then smell the aroma, use nose close to the mouth of the cup, identify the level of aroma and aroma characteristics; Finally, Baijiu flavor, drink a small amount of wine and spread on the tongue surface, to identify the thickness of the smell, soft, alcohol and rough, and acid, sweet, sweet, spicy whether the coordination, and low-grade, low-grade liquor is usually made of raw materials with poor quality or mildew, raw materials, rough process, drink choking voice, up.

distinguish between genuine and fake

Baijiu is a heavily polluted area where counterfeit alcohol is in flood. Moutai and other high-end Baijiu will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in &quot every year. Cracking down on counterfeit goods;, It is reported that the former Baijiu often printed on the packaging with laser numbers, consumers can inquire about the true and false wine through telephone. However, with the improvement of the level of counterfeiting, & quot; Clear code & quot; The feasibility of anti-counterfeiting is challenged, and most liquor enterprises immediately implant chips to carry out anti-counterfeiting in the form of code. But consumers can’t see the secret code with their naked eyes. If they want to identify the true and false, they need to go to the cabinet inquiry machine of exclusive stores and flagship stores. This kind of anti-counterfeiting technology and system is too cumbersome and has little promotion value. And consumers through & quot; Look, hear, ask & quot; I want to identify & quot; Li Gui & quot; It’s also very difficult.

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