Baijiu water can cure toothache

pepper water treatment snoring method

, take before night go to bed pepper 5 – 10 seeds

2, put pepper in 70~80 degrees boiling water, 10 minutes or so

3, after the water cool after serving (pepper not to take), even for 5 days. It has a certain therapeutic effect on snoring.

. Other effects of Zanthoxylum bungeanum


in cooking, Zanthoxylum water is mainly used for curing meat raw materials or meat stuffing, which can not only remove the fishy smell of meat, but also increase the flavor.

2. Dispelling cold and warming stomach.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum is warm in nature, which is the best way to expel cold. Among the organs of the human body, the stomach is most afraid of cold, and is also vulnerable to cold. If it is because of cold and caused by stomach pain, you can use pepper boiled water to drink, cold pain.

3. Sterilization.

Zanthoxylum bungeanum has the functions of sterilization, disinfection, pain relief, itching relief and detumescence. It has a good inhibitory effect on a variety of bacteria, especially on the surface of the skin. Most of them are used after boiling into Zanthoxylum bungeanum water.

4. Treatment of dysmenorrhea.

for women, there are many people with cold uterus, so most of them are dysmenorrhea. Can be boiled with pepper, ginger water, Quhan Tongxue, abdominal pain will also be alleviated.

5. Treatment of foot cold.

in winter, people with cold feet generally don’t sleep soundly, because they always feel that the quilt is not warm enough. In fact, it’s because their feet are cold. Can be boiled with pepper water, pour into the foot basin, mix with cold water, soak the feet, water level should not be over the ankle. 6. Treat chilblain.

chilblain is easy to grow on hands because of local blood flow. If chilblain is not broken, you can use pepper, ginger fried water, put to not too hot when soaking hands, promote blood circulation. 7. Treatment of scabies.

for scabies caused by the infection of scabies, you can use a towel to soak in the water of Zanthoxylum bungeanum, and then take it out and apply it to the itchy place of the whole body. After finishing, apply the lotion again to avoid the pepper water irritating the skin.

8. Cure acne.

put the boiled pepper water in the basin and gently pat it on your face until you feel numb. It can remove the inflamed acne on your face. 9. Treatment of toothache.

put the one or two of the Baijiu in the boiled pepper water. After cleaning the cotton swabs, dip the water into the toothache area and bite it, and it will soon stop the pain. But the cause of toothache can not be removed, or to seek medical treatment in time.

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