Baking soda is cheap and easy to use.

cooking utensils have been used for a long time. They are always greasy and dirty. If the oil stain is thick, after washing with detergent, it still feels sticky and needs to be washed many times. Is there any good way to get oil? Now, let’s get to know the little trick to get rid of oil stains in the kitchen
baking soda powder to remove kitchen oil stains tips
for example, I want to brush the oil stains on the lid of the pot:

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first, soak the lid in hot water, then sprinkle some baking soda on it evenly, and then brush with a cleaning cloth.

soon you can see that the oil stains have been wiped off, and then you can flush them with water, and the lid of the pot will shine again! And it doesn’t feel as slippery or sticky as detergent, isn’t it!

for example, the range hood is recognized as difficult to wash, but it’s much easier to use baking soda powder. First, soak the filter in hot water for a while, then sprinkle baking soda powder, and brush it with a cleaning cloth or steel ball. If there are too many oil stains, sprinkle a little more, and finally rinse it with water!

the filter screen is shining again
the scientific name of baking soda is & lt; Sodium bicarbonate;, That’s what you add to your summer soda. It meets with water to form carbonic acid, so it has a deoiling effect; In addition, it is composed of soft, crystalline molecules, which can be used as a mild abrasive to remove dirt. According to the purity of baking soda powder, it can be divided into three kinds: edible, medicinal and industrial. It is sold in general supermarkets, and the price is very cheap. It doesn’t hurt hands when it’s used, and it doesn’t hurt most objects
use sodium hydroxide to heat water to remove kitchen oil stains
use sodium hydroxide to heat water, and use a cloth to clean the smoking machine. All the stainless steel or plastic materials that can be removed from the kitchen can be easily cleaned after being soaked in sodium hydroxide for a while. If you don’t use sodium hydroxide, remember to wear gloves and glasses
remove kitchen oil stains with oil cleaner

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there are many kinds of cleaners. You can choose the one suitable for your home according to your daily needs! Oil cleaner effect is very practical, once a week to do deep cleaning can be, first clean the need to clean the place, daub half an hour later brush, can basically achieve a new effect, especially the oven and brush pan is very effective.

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